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What is Branded Calling for the Retail Industry?

It’s been a while since we last talked about the unknown call dilemma. So, where did we leave off?

To recap:

  • Every business wants to get their calls answered (duh)
  • But customers aren’t answering because of a failure by businesses to identify their calls
  • So, what’s the remedy for every industry? Two words: branded calling

But of course, we know that branded calling looks different for every industry, from banks to insurance providers and even call and contact centers.

What does branded calling look like for the retail industry? We first have to examine the retail industry’s problems when creating memorable and effective phone interactions.

What Customers Want from their Retail Experience

You may think that customers are tired of the phone call. Why waste time making outbound calls with so many other methods of communication?

This may surprise you, but that’s NOT what the data says. Customers prefer to speak to a real representative over the phone when it comes to customer service issues – like an issue with an online or in-store order, late or missed deliveries, or incorrectly delivered items.

For non-urgent issues, a phone call is preferred nearly twice as much as a text message. For urgent issues, the phone call is the preferred method of communication by 55% of those surveyed in a recent report.

Phone calls are easier and more efficient than any other method of communication.

With a phone call, a customer can:

  • Better explain the issue
  • Easily ask questions in real-time
  • Resolve an issue now rather than wait for a representative to reply via email or chat

For customer service representatives, empathy can come into play when interacting with a customer over the phone who has had a bad experience with a company. Empathy is key to customer satisfaction and could be even more important than speediness. According to research by Genesys, 59% of consumers prefer an empathetic customer service experience to a speedy resolution.

But don’t just listen to us – what are your customers saying?

“The brand called me and confirmed my order then went ahead to give me a breakdown on how and where my package will be delivered. It was very satisfying since I got to ask questions and the process was so much faster.”

Branded calling is the way you change an unknown number to a branded phone call. Let’s explore the many benefits of branding your calls.

The Benefits of Branded Calling – CX and Brand Reputation + Use Cases

Every retail business knows the two most important factors in retaining a solid customer base and generating revenue are your brand reputation and your CX.

Without a positive brand reputation in the marketplace, you risk losing sales to your competitors who have larger followings and greater name recognition.

Branded calling can significantly boost your brand reputation by showcasing your branding correctly, front and center, on every outbound phone call you make.

Branded calling can positively impact and improve your day-to-day operations for a variety of use cases.

  • Delivery Reminders – Never miss a delivery again, and avoid expensive redelivery attempts
  • Pickup Reminders – Online orders that need a pickup? Let them know when their order is ready
  • Prescription Reminders – Notify customers when their medication is ready to go
  • Customer Service – Improve your customer service by avoiding missed calls and blocked numbers
  • Account Servicing – Contact customers about outstanding balances and improve your revenue streams

Now you know the positive impact of branding your calls, but what happens if you continue the status quo of unbranded, unknown outbound calls?

The Negative Impact of an Unknown Call

When you brand your calls, your customers notice; but the same is true when you fail to brand your calls, and it can have a negative impact on your brand reputation.

The reality these days is that customers have infinite options when it comes to their shopping preferences. The world of online shopping has opened up new opportunities for shoppers, but increased competition for retailers at their brick-and-mortar locations and online.

So if you’re not standing out from your competition and offering top-tier customer experiences, your business is going to suffer the consequences.

A significant majority of people – 65% or more – said they are willing to switch to a different brand for one that could properly identify itself on a phone call. That’s a lot of people, more than half your potential customer base, that you could lose out on by placing frustrating unknown calls that fail to get answered.

Another 3 in 5 people in the survey reported that they missed a call from a retail store or brand because they didn’t recognize the number.

You don’t have to keep missing out on revenue opportunities and chances to let your customer service reps shine on the phone. Branded calling is a game-changer in the retail space.

Time to Get Branded Calling

Are you ready to make the commitment to better brand reputation, better customer experiences, and higher revenue? Request a demo of our branded calling solutions today and see the difference it can make for you.

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