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What is Branded Calling for Insurance?

The unanswered call dilemma affects all industries; we’ve covered that.

Insurance: The final frontier. The convergence of home, auto, life, and health, all in one. Agencies rely on their calls being answered, especially when providing so many important options.

And with branded calling, you’re not only getting those calls answered but also boosting your reputation and loyalty among policyholders. We’re sure you’re wondering if this is in fact what your clients want, so let’s dig in and see what a treasure our solution is for you and your customers.

Insurance Struggles

Insurance is a personal and private matter for most policyholders. From insuring their home, their cars, and even their life, these customers want the very best experience from their policies. Branded communication is there to make that connection, providing just what they need.

Last year, we surveyed insurance policyholders, asking for their perspectives on the communication experience with their choice of insurance.

While maybe it’s easier to do things over the internet, text, or email – the phone call was the go-to preference, with almost 50% choosing a live agent over other options.

A call is the way to go, it seems.

Not Investing in Branded Calling Can Cost You

So, the phone call is superior, right? Then why aren’t people answering more calls? It’s simple: you’re just Unknown to your customers.

Over 3/4 still miss a call they’ve been waiting for because of an unknown number. When you don’t know who’s on the other side, can you blame people for the distrust?

With policies being so time sensitive, making the connection with the right agency is a top priority for policyholders. Our survey saw nearly 60% of respondents say missing a call from their insurance had a big impact on their perspective of the company. If a policy lapses due to a missed call, it can cost clients valuable time and money.

When you don’t announce yourself beforehand, customers don’t take you seriously, and some may think you’re a scammer, ready to pounce on their bank account.

How Branded Calling Insures You and Your Policyholders

What’s the answer then? Branded Communication, of course.

Our solutions are here to reach the right policyholders at the right time.

INFORM® is the branded call solution for you. Customize every number, every call, straight to the policyholder’s call log. Not to mention, you get a longer character limit over the traditional Caller ID solutions, like the slightly outdated CNAM.

Those who have used INFORM have seen a considerable uptick in their business’s success – with one property insurance company seeing an almost 70% jump in their call duration rates.

When you choose Branded Communication, not only do you get your calls answered but also:

  • Build your brand’s reputation
  • Raise conversion and engagement rates
  • Create a trusted calling environment for new and current customers

Put the power of calling creativity in the hands of your business with Branded Communication.

Let’s Get Insured!

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