Case Study

Remote Healthcare Platform Increases Customer Engagement and Conversions with INFORM®

Galileo, a remote healthcare platform, provides online services to patients using phone calls and video technology. Branded Communication produced positive results in customer engagement and conversions by branding their outbound calls.





Use Case

Customer Engagement


United States


Customer Engagement

Customers were more likely to engage with phone calls because they recognized the business name

Conversion Rate

Agents were able to complete more phone calls with a successful resolution


When patients need clear communication, a branded calling solution is the perfect remedy

Telehealthcare has changed how people receive care, opening up doors for medical professionals to use phone calls, messaging apps, and video technology to provide lifesaving medical services.

Galileo is a top online healthcare services provider that connects patients with medical professionals around the world who can quickly and easily access their health needs.


Patients requested appointments but weren’t answering calls made by their healthcare provider

When patients request an appointment via phone, they expect to easily connect with their primary care provider and receive the medical services they need.

However, even after requesting a phone call, patients failed to answer their phones because they didn’t recognize the number of the business attempting to contact them.


With INFORM, the business saw an engagement rate rise and a boost in successful resolutions

The business saw a 34% increase in engaged customers, leading to an overall conversion rate boost of 45%. Patients were ready to answer their calls, and successful resolutions were met thanks to branded calling.

With INFORM, Galileo’s phone calls went from unknown to unmissable, putting their branding front-and-center on every outbound call.

Company Background

A Leader in Debt Settlement Since 2002

Pacific Debt Relief has been a leader in the debt settlement industry since 2002. Known for their superior customer service and strong client advocacy, they consistently maintain high customer satisfaction ratings.

Impact of Spam and Scam Tags on Customer Engagement

In 2023, Pacific Debt Relief faced substantial issues with their outbound call success rates due to calls being mislabeled as spam or scam by some carriers. This mislabeling significantly impacted their ability to communicate effectively with clients, affecting overall business operations. Legitimate business calls were frequently tagged as spam or scam, which severely hindered customer engagement. Additionally, the technical team spent considerable time manually validating numbers, which was inefficient and costly.

Implementing AFFIRM for Automated Call Monitoring

Pacific Debt Relief implemented AFFIRM, First Orion’s reputation monitoring solution, to monitor how their outbound calls were labeled across major carriers. AFFIRM provided automated monitoring and alerts for any calls tagged as spam or scam, allowing them to take immediate corrective action.

Significant Improvements in Call Success and Efficiency

Implementing AFFIRM significantly improved Pacific Debt Relief’s call success rates and overall business efficiency. Key results included:
  • A reduction in spam tags across all carriers, with spam tags dropping to zero over time.
  • Automation freed up substantial human resources, equivalent to four full-time hires.
  • A 20-30% increase in daily business, translating to as much as $700,000 in additional monthly enrollments.
  • Savings of approximately 617 person-hours per month, equating to $3,940 per month compared to manual dialing.

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