Branded Calling for: Telehealth, Hospitals, Medical Equipment Suppliers, Pharmacies, and Doctors’ Offices

Branded Calling Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

76% of people say that they ignored/declined a call from a healthcare provider because they didn’t know who was calling. Make certain your patients answer important communication with a branded calling solution.

Transmit vital information and improve call performance

Pre and Post-Appointment Calls

Confirm appointment information and follow-ups


Let patients know of upcoming appointments, outstanding bills, or office holiday hours

Deliver Test Results

Notify patients of important test results

Healthcare Financial Services

Work with patients to set up payment plans and work out financial solutions

Refill Prescriptions

Notify patients that their prescriptions are ready to be picked up

Patient Consultations

Call patients about prescriptions, identify gaps in care, and review coverage

94% of patients would answer a branded call from their healthcare provider

Branded calling delivers a better patient experience.

  • Create unique display names for every number
  • Secure your calls with advanced spoof protection
  • Get in-depth data analytics to understand your calling programs
  • Manage all your calls in one platform
  • Deliver to iOS and Android devices on all major U.S. carrier networks

Increase answer rates and boost your CX

Improved sales

Engagement Rate
A medical equipment supplier had trouble getting customers to answer their phones after filling out an online form. Branded calling increased answer rates and boosted their sales.

More appointments scheduled

Conversion Rate
A telehealth business struggled to reach people, even when the patient expected the call. Branded calling increased their engagement and conversion rates, leading to more positive resolutions.

Improved patient service

Decline Rate
A hospital medical system provides a range of health-related services, but couldn’t get patients to answer when they called. With a branded call, patients declined fewer calls, and when they did answer, they were more engaged with the conversation.

Galileo’s branded calls nurture patient experiences with increasing engagement and conversion rates

With INFORM, Galileo’s phone calls went from unknown to unmissable, putting their branding front-and-center on every outbound call.

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