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Register Your Number

Why register your number with First Orion?

When your business number is registered in the CNAM – or Caller ID NAMe – database, you increase control over how your business name and number appear to your customers.

If a legitimate business number is flagged as Scam Likely, that can damage reputation and leave customers frustrated. Businesses that aren’t registered properly run the risk of being mistaken for a spam call or another business entirely – and that means fewer calls getting answered by your customers.

Registering your number is the first step in improving your brand reputation. By using First Orion’s Customer portal, you can initiate the process of registering your business with minimal effort on your part. We walk you through every step of the process in our free access portal to ensure that your business is legitimized, verifying your outbound calls for consumers.

Additional options, like our Branded Communication Solutions, display your business’s phone number, name, and the reason you’re calling, delivering a better customer experience (and stopping scammers in their tracks).

Learn More about CNAM registration – Reasons your Business Should Register Its Phone Number

how to register your business phone number