Business Number Registration

Unregistered businesses risk being incorrectly labeled as spam or scam, which can lead to lost business opportunities.

Register your business phone number(s) for FREE and influence how your outbound business calls appear on your customers’ mobile phones.

We vet and verify your business to mitigate incorrect labels.

  • It’s Free – no cost to register
  • It’s Quick – register in 5 minutes or less
  • It’s Easy – we walk you through the process
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Get Verified with Business Registration

Legitimate business numbers tagged as spam or scam can damage your brand reputation and customer experience. They may also be mislabeled or mistaken for another business, which means lower answer rates and fewer conversions.

By registering your phone number with First Orion, we vet and verify your business. This lets Mobile Analytic Engines know who you are and why you’re calling, leading to more accurate call labels.

You can ensure that your business is legitimized, outbound calls for consumers are verified, and your customers have confidence in answering your calls.

Registering your number is the first step in improving your brand reputation. Want to know more about Business Number registration? Check out our blog, Reasons Your Business Should Register Its Phone Number

How It Works


Create a new account or log in to the Customer Portal


Provide your business information & opt-in to share your information with carrier networks


Add your business phone numbers for verification

Frequently Asked


Is there a difference between Scam and Spam?

Scam calls are defined as fraudulent calls where the caller misrepresents themselves with the intent to scam victims out of their personal information to defraud them. Spam calls can be from legitimate businesses; however, businesses’ use of unfair or poor calling practices is a nuisance to customers and triggers the Spam tag. Both spam and scam calls can be unwanted communication for customers. Tagging calls as Spam or Scam allows customers to choose whether to answer or ignore a call.

What happens after I register my number with First Orion?

Once you submit the required information, including your business name, contact information, and numbers you wish to register, First Orion will review your application and confirm the registration.

What do I do if my phone number’s category/label is incorrect?

You can complete Business Number Registration in First Orion’s Customer Portal. Registering your business phone numbers allows you to influence how your outbound calls are displayed. During this process, you can choose to opt-in to send your business registration information to AT&T and T-Mobile. Business registration paired with exercising Call Behavior Best Practices are the first steps to influencing your phone number’s label.

What is the purpose and benefit of registering my business number with First Orion?

Registering your business number with First Orion helps ensure that your calls are properly identified and not marked as spam. This improves the likelihood that your customers will answer your calls, enhances your communication, and maintains your business’s reputation by reducing the chances of being marked as a spam or scam caller.

How is a phone number’s label/tag determined?

Labels: At business registration, you will provide identifying information to help the Mobile Analytic Engines determine a proper label for your phone number(s). This label helps customers understand the potential reason for your call.

Spam/Scam Tags: Carriers utilize sophisticated analytics systems, employing advanced data modeling to discern calls potentially posing consumer risks. These systems operate dynamically, scrutinizing various factors surrounding each call.

How long does it take to confirm business registration?

Through our automated processes, most businesses receive confirmation within minutes.

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