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What is Branded Calling for Call and Contact Centers?

What is Branded Calling for Call and Contact Centers?

We’ve talked about branded calling and how it solves the unknown call dilemma.

We’ve also discussed how Branded Communication and SENTRY spoof protection are a dream team of defenders against scammers and bad actors.

But what about other industries? Do call and contact centers need help to get their calls answered?

According to a recent survey by First Orion, nearly 3 in 5 consumers said they receive six or more unknown calls per week — almost one unrecognized call for every day of the week! And we know that most people don’t answer calls they don’t recognize.

So is branded calling right for call and contact centers too?

Yep. Let’s prove it to you.

Call and Contact Centers Struggle With Answer Rates

There’s an unspoken problem that most call and contact centers don’t want to admit – many outbound calls go unanswered because they call from a number that isn’t branded.

In a recent report, we discovered that 82% of consumers rarely or never answer calls from unknown numbers. That’s a vast majority of people your agents call daily that simply won’t answer if they don’t know who’s calling.

And an unknown call can cost your business in more ways than one.

Not only are agents wasting their time calling people who will never answer, but they are also frustrated at repeated calls and fewer sales. And a dissatisfied employee is an employee you’re sure to lose. Employee dissatisfaction has a ripple effect on your business, leading to high turnover rates and unnecessary spending to attract new talent.

Plus, we haven’t even mentioned how an unknown call affects your customers’ trust! When you call from an unknown number, you don’t look like you: you look like a scammer. And scammers have scared people away from answering their phones, especially calls that are unmarked.

Unknown Calls Cost Your Business in 4 Ways:

  • Agent Time – Repeated calls waste agents’ time
  • Missed Revenue Opportunities – Wasted time means fewer conversions and less revenue
  • Employee Satisfaction – Repeated calls and fewer sales makes your agents frustrated and ready to quit
  • Customer Trust – Customers don’t trust unknown calls because they think it’s a scam

Now that we’ve sufficiently pummeled you with everything you’re doing wrong, let’s brighten up your day and show you the things you could be doing right – with Branded Communication!

Branded Communication Gets Calls Answered

Branded Communication is a future-proof branded calling solution for every industry. But especially the call and contact center industry. Who better to use our innovative branding solution than the people who make the calls?

Branded Communication comes in two distinct flavors  – INFORM® and ENGAGE®.

INFORM is a 32-character custom display for calls that puts your branding front and center on all outbound phone calls. Think of it as CNAM but better.

You may think you have it covered with CNAM, but unfortunately, most CNAM databases are outdated or flat-out inaccurate! And you have no control over what branding appears on a customer’s screen.

Another advantage of Branded Communication? Your branding is retained in the call log, so even if you miss a customer the first time, they can quickly call you back because they know who you are.

ENGAGE is like INFORM’s slightly more attractive, chiseled cousin. Similar to INFORM, you can customize the name that appears on a customer’s phone screen. But ENGAGE also lets you brand a call with a logo and enterprise branding to give your calls an extra bump in attractiveness.

ENGAGE requires integration through a mobile-app SDK, meaning it can reach every customer using your app worldwide. INFORM is a quicker solution that works over U.S. carrier networks and can be up and running in minutes.

But adding Branded Communication is only one part of the puzzle. You’re probably also wondering if these branded calling solutions can integrate with your current CCaaS or UCaaS setup.

Also yes!

Branded Communication – the CCaaS Differentiator

INFORM is a proven solution for calling platforms and can easily integrate into your communication platforms via our simple APIs.

CCaaS providers who integrate INFORM into their calling platforms have seen answer rates go way up, in some cases by more than 61%.

Even better, if you’re an Amazon Connect user, INFORM can easily be added to your current Amazon Web Services calling system.

Our branded calling and brand spoof solutions – like INFORM Paired – have successfully passed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR), meeting the best practice standards for security, reliability, and operational excellence.

Learn more about Branded Communication and Amazon Web Services and see how adding INFORM to Amazon Connect can improve your answer rates.

Let’s Go!

Have we successfully piqued your interest in Branded Communication? Are you convinced your call center needs branded calling to improve answer rates, increase productivity, and boost revenue?

Let’s connect you with a salesperson today! See how INFORM and ENGAGE can transform your calling strategy and future-proof your enterprise.

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