AFFIRM™: Discover the Impact of Effective Reputation Monitoring for Your Business

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AFFIRM Enhances Your Business Reputation

Being tagged as spam or scam prevents you from completing successful calls, requiring you to invest countless dollars in repeat call attempts.

Businesses with moderate to high outbound call activity are particularly susceptible to tagging and can go days to weeks without knowing their outbound calls are being tagged.

What if there was a product that alerted you anytime your calls were tagged as spam or scam on devices across the three major U.S. mobile carriers?

AFFIRM Reputation Monitoring is your innovative solution, delivering detailed call display data and tag alerts via First Orion’s Customer Portal.

The Barrier to Legitimate Business Calls

Businesses rely on phone calls to engage with customers, but an improper label can decrease answer rates.

First Orion customer, Pacific Debt Relief, faced the problem of legitimate business calls being tagged as spam or scam, significantly decreasing customer engagement. These outbound calls to mobile devices were often intended for prospects who filled out online forms wanting to speak with someone about debt relief. The added stress of validating numbers manually using three mobile devices was impacting the technical team, costing time and money.

AFFIRM’s Impact on Business Efficiency

By automating the call monitoring process, Pacific Debt Relief saved approximately 617 person-hours per month, equating to $3,940 per month compared to manual dialing.

AFFIRM Rebuilds Trust in Your Phone Calls

Your business reputation can become tarnished when a customer sees a spam or scam tag related to your business numbers, impacting their trust in your call interactions.

Pacific Debt Relief saw a decrease in tags across all carriers, with spam tags dropping to zero over time.

“AFFIRM has given us peace of mind, allowing us to know exactly what is happening with our numbers and maintaining our high customer satisfaction rating.”
– Anthony Zoblescin, Director of Information Technology, Pacific Debt Relief

How AFFIRM Works

  1. 1. First Orion provides your business with three phone numbers, one from each major U.S. mobile carrier. Your business makes calls to these numbers.
  2. 2. First Orion collects and analyzes the data from these calls, detecting and recording key attributes of each call to determine how they are displayed.
  3. 3. Call display data is uploaded to your Customer Portal, allowing for easy monitoring, including alerts and email notifications of any numbers tagged as spam or scam.
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Practical Tips to Improve Business Reputation

Maintaining a positive business reputation is crucial in today’s competitive market. Here are some practical tips to help you improve your business reputation, illustrated with examples from Pacific Debt Relief’s successful use of AFFIRM Reputation Monitoring.

    1. Register Your Business Numbers—Registering your business numbers using First Orion’s Customer Portal, helps carriers identify you as a legitimate business. While registration alone doesn’t guarantee that your numbers won’t get tagged, it’s a vital first step.
    2. Monitor Call Labeling—Regularly monitoring how your calls are labeled across various carriers can help you quickly identify and address any tagging. With AFFIRM™ Reputation Monitoring, you can continuously track the effectiveness of your call labeling and tagging.
    3. Analyze Call Data for Insights—Utilize detailed reports to understand how your calls are being displayed. AFFIRM provides comprehensive call display data, including tagging history, enabling you to make informed decisions about your calling practices.
    4. Implement Call Behavior Best Practices—Ensure your outbound calls follow best practices to reduce the chances of being tagged as spam. This includes using local numbers, avoiding high-frequency calling, and maintaining up-to-date contact lists.
    5. Engage with Your Customers—Build trust by ensuring your calls are recognized and trusted by your customers. Pacific Debt Relief saw significant improvements in customer engagement by using AFFIRM to monitor and manage its call reputation.

Business Registration + AFFIRM to increase the accuracy of your calls’ display

To get started, register your calling numbers through the First Orion Customer Portal. This will help carriers identify you as a legitimate business. Registration alone does not guarantee your numbers won’t get tagged as spam or scam. This is where AFFIRM’s innovative display name analytics can help!

With AFFIRM, you get access to our Customer Portal to monitor the health of your calling numbers and receive tagging notifications. This enables you to take swift action to understand how to change the calling practices of each number experiencing tagging.

Implementing call behavior best practices can improve your calling success and create a better customer experience.

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