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Reputation Monitoring

Maintaining your brand’s integrity and ensuring effective customer communication is essential for businesses and call centers. 

Ensure your business calls are received with the trust they deserve with AFFIRM from First Orion. AFFIRM monitors how your outbound calls display on mobile phones, keeping you up-to-date on proper labeling and inappropriate spam or scam tags.

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AFFIRM helps you monitor calling number performance across all 3 major U.S. mobile networks. Receive alerts anytime calls are tagged as SPAM and SCAM through First Orion's easy-to-use customer portal.

  • Monitoring and Alerts: Stay informed with alerts whenever your calls are tagged as spam or scam.

  • Improved Customer Contact Rates: Reduce the risk of your calls being unanswered and enhance customer engagement.

  • Increased Agent Productivity: Clear communication channels lead to more efficient outcomes for your calling agents.

How AFFIRM Works

  1. 1. First Orion provides your business unique phone numbers. Your business makes calls to these numbers across major mobile carriers.
  2. 2. First Orion collects and analyzes the raw data from these calls. We detect and record key attributes of each call to determine how they are displayed.
  3. 3. Call display data is uploaded to your Customer Portal, allowing for easy monitoring, including notifications if any numbers are tagged, enabling swift action.

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Since implementing AFFIRM, we have seen a significant decrease in spam tags across all our numbers, especially with certain carriers, which was a major issue for us. Our calls used to get tagged as spam frequently, impacting our ability to connect with clients. AFFIRM’s automated monitoring has been a game-changer, allowing us to make almost 9,300 test calls in a month without worrying about spam tags. This would have taken us 617 hours to do manually. The peace of mind knowing that our calls are recognized as legitimate has been invaluable. Our executives even noticed the improvement, reducing the daily stress of potential spam tagging issues on all of us. AFFIRM has not only saved us time and money but has also ensured that our reputation remains intact, allowing us to maintain our high customer satisfaction rating.

- Anthony Zoblescin, Director of Information Technology, Pacific Debt Relief


Protect your brand’s reputation and enhance your communication strategy with AFFIRM. Register today and experience the difference in how your calls are received.

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