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Large Furniture Retail Chain Increases Answers and Decreases Declines with a Branded Calling Solution

A major furniture retail chain provides not only top-tier furniture products but top-tier delivery services. With the help of branded calling, the furniture chain was able to connect with customers at a higher rate and confirm deliveries that were often missed due to unknown calls.





Use Case

Delivery Confirmation


United States

Answer Rate
Decline Rate
Engagement Rate

When customers are expecting a delivery, they want to know when to expect a call and who’s making the call

When a customer finally finds that dream bedroom set or the perfect, comfy couch, getting it from the showroom floor to their doorstep should be a breeze. For a large furniture retail chain, their delivery drivers must have clear contact with customers to confirm delivery windows.


Drivers face difficulties reaching customers, even when they expect a delivery

Despite customers anticipating deliveries, drivers had difficulty getting customers to pick up the phone when calling from an unknown number. The result? Wasted time and costly missed deliveries.


With Branded Communication, the retail chain saw more successful deliveries and happier customers

By using INFORM, declined calls dropped off, and more people were picking up the phone the first time to confirm deliveries. The retail chain saw an 18% answer rate boost along with a 22% lift in customer engagement.

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