INFORM with Logo: The Next Step in Verified Outbound Communication

First Orion has long held a vision of delivering a logo over the network, and we are excited to introduce INFORM® with Logo, a revolutionary feature in our INFORM product suite. This network-based solution enhances brand trust and ensures communication clarity without the need for software installation on user devices. Tailored for large enterprises looking to improve their customer interactions or existing customers of INFORM and SENTRY, INFORM with Logo is designed to seamlessly elevate your outbound communication strategies directly through the network.

Elevating Trust with Enhanced Features

Leveraging cutting-edge network technology, INFORM with Logo introduces key enhancements that foster brand authenticity and customer clarity directly within your communication flow.

  • Logo Display on Calls: Your brand’s logo will appear directly on your customer’s phone screen, accompanying each call. This visual touchpoint assures customers of the call’s legitimacy before they even answer.
  • Call Reason Display: Android users will have an additional 60 characters to display the reason for the call, providing immediate context, and reducing the chances of your call being ignored.
  • Superior Out-of-Band Attestation: The highest level of call authentication ensures that your calls are recognized as genuine, directly combating call spoofing and fraud.

Why Upgrade to INFORM with Logo?

For Fortune 500 Companies:

Brand consistency and recognition are vital to customer trust and satisfaction. INFORM with Logo is a critical touchpoint in your overall branding strategy, ensuring that every call you make reinforces your brand’s identity and trustworthiness. It is particularly well-suited for organizations like Call Centers, UCaaS, and CPaaS providers that manage large-scale outbound communications.

For Existing INFORM Paired and SENTRY Customers:

You’ve already experienced the benefits of INFORM’s robust call protection and clarity. INFORM with Logo enhances your customers’ experience by making each call a branded interaction. Your logo naturally extends the trust you’ve built, leveraging brand recognition to improve engagement.

For Current INFORM Customers:

If you’re using INFORM’s capabilities, upgrading to INFORM with Logo is a strategic move.  A logo enhances the visibility of your communication efforts, ensuring that your brand stands out in the crowded marketplace directly on your customer’s screen. Additional integrations will be required to include First Orion’s API with pre-call authorization in your outbound call flow.

Getting Started with INFORM with Logo

Integrating INFORM with Logo into your communication strategy is straightforward for those already equipped with the technical know-how and necessary technical infrastructure. Our team at First Orion is ready to direct you through integrating First Orion’s API with pre-call authorization into your existing systems, ensuring you get up and “logo-ing” quickly.

It’s Time To Get Logo’ing

In a world where consumer trust can be your biggest asset or your most significant challenge, INFORM with Logo offers a powerful solution to ensure that every call your company makes enhances your brand’s value and credibility. Upgrade today and transform every customer call into a verified, branded, and trusted interaction.

For more details or to schedule a conversation, please get in touch with First Orion. We’re here to support you in every step of your journey towards improved customer communication and enhanced brand trust.

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