Branded Calling for: Apparel, Sporting Goods, Home Improvement, Food & Drug, and General Merchandisers

Branded Calling For The Retail Industry

60% of customers say they’ve declined calls from a retail brand because they didn’t recognize the number. Ensure your customers get the superior service and quality call experience they expect with branded calling from First Orion.

Connect With Your Customers At The Right Time And Enhance Your Brand Reputation

Customer Support/Renewal

Offer better customer support and get quicker solutions

Account Servicing

Reach customers faster about outstanding payments

Reward Program Outreach

Provide a more personalized experience with your VIP customers

Delivery Reminders

Notify customers and confirm delivery schedules

Pickup Reminders

Reach out with updates regarding ready-to-pickup items

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Connect with customers about their experience with your brand

64% Of Customers Would Switch To A Retail Brand That Uses Branded Calling

Branded calling enhances your customer experience.

  • Create unique display names for every number
  • Get in-depth data analytics to understand your calling programs
  • Manage your calls in a single platform
  • Deliver to iOS and Android devices on all major U.S. carrier networks
  • Amplify your brand awareness

Increase Sales And Boost Customer Experience

Improved customer service, ensured deliveries


Answer Rate

A premier home improvement retail chain struggled to get a response from post-purchase delivery calls. With branded calling, answer rates rose, giving the retailer fewer declined calls and more successful deliveries.

Better customer service, more completed sales


Decline Rate

A large furniture retail chain made calls for pre-delivery, delivery, and customer support. When their calls went unanswered, they chose branded calling as their solution, leading to fewer declined calls, cost savings, better customer experience, and more completed sales.

Increased revenue, higher customer retention


Engagement Rate

A large national retail chain offering store credit cards struggles to get their customers to answer calls regarding payments. More cardholders were reached using branded calling, driving higher conversions and increased customer retention.

Large Furniture Retail Chain Increased Answers And Decreased Re-Deliveries With Branded Calling

A major furniture retail chain struggled to connect with customers for delivery notifications. With the help of branded calling, they were able to connect with customers at a higher rate, confirm deliveries, and reduce re-delivery attempts.

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What is Branded Calling for the Retail Industry?

What is Branded Calling for the Retail Industry?

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