First Orion’s Remarkable Year: 2023 Highlights and Achievements

2023 First Orion Year in Review

This year was a landmark year in the history of First Orion. From the greatest number of treated calls ever placed by our clients in a year to new industry partnerships and the launch of our branded technology on all major U.S. carrier networks, 2023 saw immense growth and success for our not-so-little-anymore company. 

As we start the new year, we’d like to reflect on all we’ve accomplished this year – not just by ourselves but with our clients and partners as well.

Branded Calling Continues to Grow 

More calls were treated with branded calling in 2023 than at any time before, with a record 1.5 billion branded calls this year. That record number indicates that branded calling is not simply a fad or trend in the telecoms industry, but a necessary calling solution that continues to see an upward trajectory. 

We believe branded calling will continue to be adopted by businesses from every industry in 2024, and the total number of treated calls will far surpass 1.5 billion in the next year.

1.5 billion branded calls in 2023

Scammers Beware! 

We’re not just focused on properly identifying outbound calls at First Orion; we also care about protecting everyday people from bad actors and phone call fraudsters. That’s why we continue to provide call protection services to the major carriers. 

The total number of scam calls tagged by us this year was more than 19 billion. It’s evident that scammers are in no hurry to stop their deceiving call practices, and our goal is to continue to protect consumers by properly labeling scam calls as “Scam Likely” in 2024 and beyond.

First Orion tagged 19 billion scam calls in 2023

Growth Across Clients and Partnerships 

We’ve continued to add more industries and grow our strongest verticals each year, and 2023 was no different. The largest industry serviced by INFORM’s branded calling is the healthcare industry, but we have also seen massive growth across other industries, including the financial services sector, retail, insurance, and for utilities and home services. 

Not only are we always adding new clients, but we’re also constantly partnering with amazing and hardworking companies who help us spread the good news about our branding calling solutions to more businesses than ever. 

This year, we’ve started 30 new partnerships with wonderful companies such as Ytel, Amazon Web Services, Vodafone Germany, Intelisys and so many more. We look forward to 2024 and all the new partnerships it’s sure to bring. 

30 new branded calling partnerships in 2023
Healthcare is the largest industry serviced by INFORM

Let’s Get Social 

Who likes to be social? We do! And apparently, you do as well, judging by the more than 2,000 new followers we’ve gained in 2023 alone! LinkedIn continues to be our largest audience, but we are excited about creating new and helpful content across social platforms, both old and new! 

Not only are we social online, but we’re also social in person! Our team has seen so many of your friendly faces at the 35 events we attended this year, including tradeshows, speaking events, partnership experiences, and floor walks. I’m sure we’ll see old friends and hopefully make some new friends in 2024! 

First Orion gained nearly 2,000 new followers on LinkedIn

Branded Calling, Everywhere 

One of our big goals for 2023 was to get our groundbreaking branded calling solutions on all of the major U.S. carrier networks, and we’re happy to say we did just that! 

Many of you have asked us over the years when we would have INFORM available on T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, and this year, we delivered on our promise. Now your customers will see the same great branded calling experience they’ve come to expect no matter which of the major carriers they use.

Branded calling is now available on all major U.S. carrier networks

See Ya, 2023 

2023 was a great year in the history of First Orion, and we are excited about all the new experiences and growth our company will see in 2024. 

Thank you for taking the ride with us, and be sure to tell your friends how much branded calling has changed your business! We have some exciting things planned for 2024, so stay tuned!

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