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What’s Trending? Discover the 2023 Branded Calling Trends Report – Investigating Key Growth Across Five Major Industries

It’s been a big year for branded calling. 2023 saw a 67% year-over-year increase in the number of branded calls placed by businesses using First Orion’s INFORM branded calling technology. With that growth, five key industries stood out, placing the most branded calls annually: retail, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and home services. Learn more in our 2023 Branded Calling Trends Report.

What’s Inside:
  • The number of branded calls across industries has grown by 67%, from Dec. 1, 2022 to Dec. 1, 2023
  • Over 1.5 billion branded calls were placed in 2023
  • The retail industry placed the most branded calls annually at more than 225 million treated calls
  • The home services industry experienced the largest growth at more than 1,500%