Budgeting for the New Year with Branded Calling

Budgeting for the New Year with Branded Calling

Q4 is rapidly coming to a close, and all of the opportunities – and risks – associated with the new year are almost here. Is your budget finalized, or are you still looking for that diamond in the rough solution to make your dollars go further? Branded calling can stretch your budget and save you money in 2024. 

Branded Calling is Great for ROI 

We’ve told you how branded calling is great for your return on investment – in more ways than just monetary. Have you forgotten already? Alright, we’ve got time for a quick refresher. 

Here’s how branded calling can boost your ROI: 

Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiency 

Branded calling is a cost-saving initiative. Missed calls quickly add up, especially for businesses that respond to online form requests. And every missed call is a hit to your bottom line. 

Increases Customer Trust and Loyalty 

If customers aren’t loyal to your brand, they’ll give their hard-earned money to someone else. A branded call increases trust and loyalty by quickly identifying who’s calling rather than guessing an unknown call attempt. 

Enhances Brand Awareness and Reputation 

Brand awareness identifies how easy it is for clients to recognize who you are and what services you offer through your branding. Brand awareness and reputation can take a hit when you call from an unknown number. Brand calling helps to bring awareness to your brand and increase your reputation in the marketplace. 

Your ROI is one thing, but how does a branded call look in practice? Let’s look at some everyday use cases that show the impact branded calling can have on your bottom line. 

Fewer Calls, More Selling 

For businesses that make thousands of outbound calls daily, time is money in the most literal sense. 

Take online form requests, for example, a method of selling that relies on a potential customer answering their phone at a particular time. When a customer puts in an online request for a business to call them – for an insurance quote or to ask about in-stock car inventory – they expect to answer the call when it comes from the company. But, if the customer doesn’t recognize the number, they are far less likely to answer. 

We’ve discovered that 82% of consumers rarely or never answer unknown numbers. Because unknown calls – whether from a scammer, spammer, or bad robocall – have scared people away from answering their phones. 

But check this out: when adding branded calling to an outbound call strategy, businesses responding to online forms have seen decline rates drop by 16%, and answer rates climb by as much as 26%. 

That translates to fewer call attempts overall and more time devoted to selling to new prospects, upselling, or cross-selling. 

No More Re-Delivery Attempts 

Logistics companies know how frustrating it is to show up for a delivery attempt but fail to deliver the goods because the owner – who needs to sign for the package – isn’t home. And when you attempted to call them to confirm the delivery time, they failed to answer because they didn’t recognize your number. 

When we asked delivery drivers whether they had issues contacting customers, they responded, “Yes.” More than 2/3 of delivery drivers said a customer ignored their call because they didn’t know who was calling. And that goes for not only retail deliveries but also food delivery services. 

Every time a business misses a delivery attempt, they lose money. It’s expensive to reattempt deliveries – because of gas, lost driver time, and other operational expenses. For a business that makes 10,000 deliveries a month and 1,000 redeliveries at a cost of $125 per redelivery, a potential loss of more than $125,000 a month is not unheard of! 

But here’s the good news: The problem can be solved by adding branded calls to your outbound calling strategy. 

For retail delivery drivers, businesses reported an uptick in their answered calls and a massive decrease in declined calls. Fewer missed calls means companies can focus more on serving their customers, making new sales, and less time worrying about expenses caused by costly redelivery attempts. 

Branded Calling Can Save You Money 

Branded calling displays a customized display name for your business on every outbound call you make. It works on all major U.S. carrier networks and ensures customers recognize your branding when you call. 

Customers who use INFORM, our branded calling solution, also receive access to their call analytics through our Customer Portal. Analytics allow you to see your calling patterns and data points, including answer rates, decline rates, conversion rates, and number of calls treated. 

How much could you save on your annual budget by investing in a branded calling solution? 

Have we piqued your interest in branded calling? Contact our sales team today to get started with our branded calling solutions. 

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