CallPrinting: The Next Big Thing in Scam Detection

Ever get a call from an unknown number that looks suspiciously like your own? It’s called number spoofing, and it’s an increasingly popular scheme scammers use to get your attention. They’re hoping your curiosity will be piqued enough to answer – which flags your number as active and susceptible to even more annoying calls.

Most traditional call blocking solutions and software won’t catch spoofed calls since scammers use legitimate numbers to hide behind. The Do Not Call list is ineffective against those who don’t follow the law, and flagged numbers can change easily thanks to ever-evolving technology.  That’s why we developed CallPrinting – the next big thing in scam detection technology.

CallPrinting is software and data science technology for detecting illegitimate mobile calling activity such a scam calling or number spoofing. First Orion has pioneered a comprehensive, in-network solution (we call it “fingerprinting” internally) that identifies new scam techniques quickly and accurately, ultimately thwarting these fraudulent calls.  Our highly innovative fingerprinting solution provides real-time decisioning on incoming calls, intelligent analysis of phone calls and network-wide data, and an adaptable machine-learning-based framework to stop the “next” scammer and spoofing tactic.

Or for the less technically inclined, think about it like this.

Let’s say we’re investigating the scene of a crime. Bad guys leave behind fingerprints that allow them to be traced; the same thing happens with bad callers. CallPrinting is our way to track bad callers no matter what number they’re using. Since it works with your mobile carrier’s network, there’s no need for outside apps. Our software detects the bad guys and marks them as possible scam, then alerts you before you pick up.

Since we predicted scam calls to mobile phones will increase to nearly half of all calls next year, we’re rolling this groundbreaking technology out to several major US and international carriers. Our aim is to significantly decrease the volume of scam traffic in 2019 – and beyond.

For more information on CallPrinting and the First Orion Call Protection Suite, contact us here.


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