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Contact Center Game-Changer: Boost Agent Productivity and Satisfaction with a Branded Call Solution

Branded Communication - a contact center game-changer

Contact centers have notoriously high agent turnover and attrition rates. According to a 2021 survey of contact center agents by NICE, the contact center attrition rate in the U.S. and U.K. stood at a staggering 42%. Considering a high attrition rate is somewhere in the ballpark of 20%, contact centers face nearly double the average employee turnover than any other industry.

The survey identified several factors that play into high agent turnover.

But there’s also a missing factor that plays heavily into agents’ satisfaction and employee retention: the ease – or lack thereof – of connecting with customers through the voice channel.

What Do Agents Want?

According to the same survey, nearly 3 out of 4 customer service agents said better pay has the highest impact on whether they keep their job or move on.

But beyond pay, agents want to know you’re invested in not just their financial security, but their career growth and job satisfaction too.

However, only 30% of agents feel their organization invests in retaining contact center agents. And 38% say contact centers are investing very little effort or none whatsoever.

The results show that agents aren’t content to wait around for a business that doesn’t value their needs and wants.

And when nearly half of agents say they voluntarily left their previous job for one that COULD meet their needs, it’s clear that agent satisfaction is a major issue affecting the industry.

If you want to retain talent and show agents that you’re committed to investing in them, Branded Communication is the ace up your sleeve.

Branded Calling is a Contact Center Game-Changer

Branded Communication is our branded calling solution that transforms how people experience the phone call.

INFORM® is a 32-character custom branding solution that enables all outbound calls to be branded with the name of the business that’s calling and the reason for the call.

And when people know who’s calling, they pick up; 3 in 4 consumers said they are likely to answer if the business’s name and reason for calling appear on their mobile device.

Save Agents Time

It can be incredibly grating and mentally frustrating for agents to call a client again and again with no indication that they’ll ever pick up. If more people pick up on the first attempt, agents are no longer wasting time making repeat calls. And saved time directly translates into saved money.

In a 2022 Forrester TEI Report commissioned by First Orion, a contact center manager in the healthcare industry reported just how much money their contact center saved by using INFORM.

After INFORM was deployed, the organization experienced an 8% increase in agent answer rates, which freed up almost half a million dollars in agent time!

Increase Callbacks

Callbacks can be incredibly annoying – for both the customer and the agent! And how often are you able to answer calls when they initially happen? Customers are the same way, which is why proper branding in the call history is so important.

No longer worry whether a client is going to call you back after you missed them initially – with Branded Communication, a business’s branding is retained in the call log, leading more customers to return missed calls.

Convert Quicker

Not only do more calls get answered when they’re clearly identified, but conversions also happen at a quicker pace too.

Balboa Digital, a growing call center, needed help getting customers to answer after completing form-to-call applications for loans. But after the contact center implemented Branded Communication into its outbound call strategy, it saw a 54% boost in conversions and a 76% rise in first-call conversions!

Boost Employee Morale

Happy employees are not only good for job retention and lower turnover rates, but they can also secretly boost productivity.

An Oxford University study revealed that happy workers were 13% more productive than workers who were unsatisfied with their work environment.

Thanks to the boost in answer, conversion, and engagement rates that INFORM branded calling provides, agent satisfaction and employee morale will also increase!

Give Agents The Tools They Need to Succeed

Branded Communication is a contact center game-changer with proven results that boost employee morale and reduce high turnover rates.

Want to see what a branded call can do for your business? Get started today with Branded Communication and see the difference a branded call makes!

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