STIR/SHAKEN: The Ultimate Guide

The STIR/SHAKEN deadline has passed. Here’s your ultimate guide to STIR/SHAKEN – a one-stop-shop for all of our content around this important topic.

Scam Calls: The STIR/SHAKEN Deadline Has Come and Gone … Now What?

Published August 19, 2021

Illegal robocalls ended on June 30th thanks to STIR/SHAKEN. Sure … if only it were that simple. Here’s what happened on June 30, why scam calls are still happening, and what the future holds for call protection.

How Contact Centers Can Prepare For STIR/SHAKEN

Published June 16, 2021

As a contact center, one main objective is to have calls successfully reach your client’s customers and not be considered scams. If you have not prepared for the impending STIR/SHAKEN deadline, the new standards could significantly impact business contact rates. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what to expect and the critical parts of STIR/SHAKEN that can affect your outbound calling efforts, such as attestation levels. 


STIR/SHAKEN: What Your Contact Center Should Know

Published May 21, 2021

The countdown is on. The FCC’s STIR/SHAKEN mandate, designed to cut down on fraudulent robocalls, goes into effect June 30, 2021. All the talk about impending regulations has many contact centers wondering how it may impact their operations. Enterprise calling scenarios are not excluded from this mandate. 

STIR/SHAKEN 101 For Contact Centers

Published May 6, 2021

With the looming STIR/SHAKEN deadline on the horizon, businesses, carriers, and contact centers are all looking to get their operations in order. Now that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced they plan to penalize those not in compliance (or actively pursuing the changes necessary), you might be wondering – is my contact center ready for June 30?

STIR/SHAKEN Update: Act or Get Blocked, Says FCC

Published April 29, 2021

The STIR/SHAKEN deadline is rapidly approaching – and the FCC will require phone companies to do their part in the fight against robocalls. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced that filings to the Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD) would be due June 30, 2021. Based on that deadline, intermediate providers and terminating voice service providers will be prohibited from accepting traffic from voice service providers not listed in the RMD beginning September 28, 2021. The FCC is essentially laying down the law with this announcement: crack down on robocalls, or there will be consequences.


What All Carriers Need to Know About STIR/SHAKEN

Published November 10, 2020

The implementation deadline to have STIR/SHAKEN standards in place in the US is rapidly approaching, as in June 30, 2021. Maybe you’ve heard about this, maybe you’re just now learning… but whether you’re a carrier serving millions of subscribers or a small provider serving 10,000, these are some of the basics you need to know. 

The Upcoming STIR/SHAKEN Deadline: How Carriers Can Prepare

Published November 12, 2020

On October 1, 2020, the FCC released its Second Report and Order as part of its Call Authentication proceeding which addresses, among other things, extensions to and exemptions from the June 30, 2021 implementation deadline. Part of the Second Order requires all service providers (including certain foreign service providers) to register in a Robocall Mitigation Database, certifying that they are either STIR/SHAKEN compliant or they have a Robocall Mitigation Plan in place if they cannot meet the June 30 deadline.  

What’s The Deal With TRACED and STIR/SHAKEN?

Published June 4, 2019

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding scam and robocalls around Washington lately. With overwhelming support in the Senate for the recently passed TRACED Act, the FCC moving forward with STIR/SHAKEN requirements, and the important declaratory ruling this week on-call blocking – we’ve decided to break it down for you.

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