Scam Alert: Jury Duty Scam Calls

Scammers are becoming sneakier and sneakier every day. Recently we became aware of a new scare tactic for scamming you out of your dollars that includes the police, missing Jury Duty, and a very convincing voicemail message.

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Here’s how the scheme works. You miss a suspicious call, and decide to call the number back. The scammers have figured out how to add a fake voice message for when you call back to go along with their little act.

One woman reported that she was called by her local police department claiming she had missed jury duty, and if she didn’t pay a fine using a cash or payment card she would be taken to jail. If you didn’t know any better, that scenario would probably be nerve racking enough. However, now if you call back, there is a voicemail claiming to be the police department. Don’t worry though – you’re not going to jail for missing jury duty. It’s just another way scammers are trying to up their scare factor. Scammers rely on intimidation to scare you into acting quickly, without thinking.

Always know that police departments will never solicit money over the phone. If you’re suspicious about a call, call the phone number listed for the police department online or in the phone book you shoved in the back of a drawer somewhere. Also, no legit government institution will ever ask for money from a gift card.

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