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New Scam Alert: Can You Hear Me?

Scammers are always coming up with new tricks to get access to your information. The latest trend? Using your own voice against you.


Norfolk Police are reporting an increase in calls asking, “Can you hear me?” It’s an innocent enough question, but they’re warning people not to say anything at all. Here’s how it works: You get a call from an unknown number, perhaps with a familiar area code (read more about number spoofing here). The person on the other end introduces themselves, and tells you a little about their business. After the introduction, they throw in a, “Can you hear me?” When you say “yes”, they record it.

So what can a scammer do with a simple yes? They’re using it to sign you up for a product or service you never asked for. When you try to deny the charges, they’ll play it back as confirmation. Scammers bully victims into paying by threatening legal action.

Avoid this scam by being vigilant if you answer an unknown call. Never give out your personal information, confirm your phone number, or answer questions if you don’t know who’s on the other end. If you want to avoid the call all together, PrivacyStar blocks known scammers.

And if you do find yourself at the other end of a “Can you hear me?” call? Just tell them you’re onto the scam and hang up.

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