Reasons Your Business Should Register Its Phone Number

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Updated on 1/4/2024

When calls go unanswered, businesses feel the impact. Important messages are lost, consumers miss urgent notifications, and brand loyalty takes a hit.

Scammers use a simple phone call to trick people out of money or get access to personal information. Fraudsters will go to any length to catch consumers off-guard – from impersonating a lesser-known small business to a prominent enterprise – posing a risk to a company’s brand and reputation.

The first step to protecting your company from scammers? Registering your business’ phone number with mobile carrier analytics providers.

Good Things Come to Those Who Register

So, how can this registration help your business?. With spoofing on the rise – over $2.3 billion lost in the last year – businesses want to break the cycle and get their customer loyalty and profits back.

Scam/Spam Protection

Lately, there have been scammers impersonating reputable banks using phone calls or SMS. By using a reputable bank to commit this fraud, people are more likely to trust the scammer, seeing as they would put loyalty in their own bank.

And depending on the activity of your outbound calling programs, it’s completely possible for carrier networks to mistakenly identify calls from your company as scam calls if your calling patterns resemble known scammers.

By registering your phone number, you can provide analytic engines information that can influence more accurate labels, giving customers the confidence to answer your calls.

Bye-bye to bad actors

Bad actors rely on call spoofing to trick consumers, preventing consumers from trusting inbound calls. Also, preventing businesses from using outbound calls effectively, spoofing has become a thorn in everyone’s side.

This scam strategy, where scammers make outbound calls that match a company’s number, helps legitimatize a malicious call to consumers.

When your business’ number is registered and verified, carrier networks can separate your legitimate calls from scammers, making it harder for those pesky scammers to deceive people.

Getting Verified

The process is pretty straightforward these days.

Rather than going through specific providers, just to wait for the lengthy registration process to get verified, your company is registered as easily as a few clicks!

Using First Orion’s Customer Portal, your business is easily walked through the registration process. The free access portal ensures your business is legitimized, verifying your outbound calls for consumers.

Is CNAM the End?

Now, your business’ number is on CNAM. Also known as Caller ID Name, CNAM displays your company’s name, with only 15 characters and no creative control from your business.

Caller ID is the first impression consumers have for your business on an outbound call. You want to make a good impact on your customers to further interest.

Relying on CNAM databases to represent your business accurately may not be the wisest choice.

What’s Next for Your Business

Evidently, your phone number is still just that. A bunch of digits compiled on a mobile phone. There’s no guarantee that people will pick up.

But If you’re looking for a better way to identify your outbound calls, First Orion’s INFORM® and ENGAGE® branded calling solutions identify your calls across every major U.S. carrier and increase the likelihood that people want to pick up.


First Orion creates mobile communication solutions that enable businesses or agencies to identify who they are and why they’re calling on your incoming call screen. Our INFORM branded text display features a customizable 32-character message. ENGAGE is a graphics-based, content-rich display, allowing companies to deliver name, number, logo, and colors right to their audience.

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