Ready for Launch: How to Establish a Go-To-Market Strategy for Branded Communication

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Marketing a new product isn’t always the easiest undertaking – especially when the product you’re marketing isn’t your own! And when you’re marketing someone else’s product, it’s always beneficial to establish a solid go-to-market strategy for launch.

But what does it mean to sell someone else’s product? Aren’t direct sales the only way to reach customers?

Not quite; there’s another model that can have many advantages over a traditional direct sale model. Ever heard of a partnership?

Parntering: Launch Faster, Grow Revenue

Unlike a direct sales model, a partnership allows a business with a product or solution to sell its product through another business rather than directly to a customer.

Referring or selling a product has many benefits over a direct sales model, but one of the most immediate and clear advantages is the reduced time it takes to bring a product to market.

And we think that Branded Communication is one of the best products on the market. Do you have healthcare customers that are having trouble getting patients to answer their calls? Maybe you work with delivery drivers who call customers to confirm a delivery time.

Do those customers ever pick up? Probably not.

Branded Communication makes phone calls clear and transparent. Let’s explore what Branded Communication is in greater detail and how you can bring branded calling to your customers with a strong go-to-market strategy.

What is Branded Communication?

Through the Partner Prime Program, First Orion offers an opportunity for customers to sell our branded calling solutions without the time and effort necessary to develop a new product.

Branded Communication is our solution to the unknown caller epidemic.

INFORM® Branded Text Display is a 32-character personalized display that showcases your brand’s name, department, and reasons for calling, eliminating the question, “who’s calling my phone?”

The INFORM Paired feature is our spoof protection option for enterprises with very large call volumes. Paired helps to eliminate nearly 100% of spoofed calls from scammers attempting to hack your branding and position it as their own.

And for businesses looking to Wow their customers even more, ENGAGE® Branded Graphic Display takes INFORM’s branding and kicks it up a notch. ENGAGE features a full-color, content-rich display complete with brand colors and a business logo.

Now that you know about Branded Communication, you’re ready to sign up and start referring or selling branded calling to your clients, right?

Yes, and no. You know what branded calling is, but there are still a lot of factors you need to consider before you’re ready to sell.

And here’s the most important factor  – do you have a go-to-market strategy in place?

Establishing a Go-To-Market Strategy

A go-to-market strategy – GTM – is used to accomplish two goals for a business:

  • Minimize Risk – When you know your strategy ahead of time, you minimize the chance that your product launch will experience setbacks. Or worse, failure.
  • Optimize Success – When you establish a go-to-market plan before you launch, you can increase your campaign’s chance to succeed. GTMs help you lay out all the possible scenarios and variables in the market, optimizing your launch’s success.

It’s not just about ensuring you succeed (but yes, of course, we want everyone to succeed!) A go-to-market plan also has other benefits that affect everything from your employee experience to your customer experience.

A GTM can be a big boost to your overall employee experience. Why? Because when your entire team, from sales to client success, are all in sync with each other, your employees are happier. Happier employees mean fewer turnovers and more chances to keep the talent that you already have.

Of course, your customers can greatly benefit when you strategize your product launch too. A solid GTM can lead to quicker product launches. Rather than spending time developing a new product, all your team needs to do is solidify your GTM strategy, and you’re ready to go! Your customers benefit from getting helpful products and solutions quicker, and you benefit from saving time on product development and testing.

Benefits of a GTM

  • Gets your entire team on the same page before a product launch
  • Reduces costs and increases your ROI by nailing your messaging
  • Quicker product launches
  • Greater opportunity to build brand awareness

GTM Checklist for Branded Calling

Want to make sure your go-to-market strategy is rock solid? We’ve got a simple checklist of must-do items to ensure your launch won’t result in a “Houston, we have a problem” scenario.

Are you looking to expand your products and services?
  • Do you work with telephony, phone systems, calling technology, or other products and services in the calling industry?
  • Are the call or contact centers your work with making a high volume of outbound phone calls?
Do your customers have these needs?
  • Are scam/spam tags hurting your customers’ business?
  • Do your customers need to increase sales or improve their customer experience?
  • Would a branded calling solution benefit their business?
Are you a wholesaler or referral agent?
  • How will customers be charged for using the new product or service?
  • Will it be an add-on or a separate standalone product?
How will you promote your new product/service?
  • Will you promote branded calling through social media, email, direct mail, etc.?
  • Is your website ready for launch? Have you updated your headers, graphics, videos, and web copy to show off your new product?
Is your sales team equipped to talk to potential customers?
  • Do you have the necessary items ready for Sales to sell? Are sales sheets, videos, branding, and graphics ready to go and easily accessible?

Ready to Launch?

If you answered yes to most (or all!) of these questions, then fire up the thrusters because it’s time to go to market!

We’re here to support you all the way and make your launch the best it can be.

Ready to see what a branded call can do for your business? Schedule a call with a team member today and set your business up for future success!

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