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84% of calls go unanswered.

Yeah, you read that right. In just one year, consumers and businesses have received over 100 BILLION known scam calls, not to mention 30 billion nuisance calls. A quick scroll through Twitter messages mentioning scam or spam calls shows that many consumers believe it to be an epidemic. When they don’t know who’s calling, most calls go straight to voicemail. And the problem is growing…exponentially.

Why is this a big deal? Because consumers – your customers – are not answering their phones when you need them to. Let’s do something about it.

Our heroic mission is to get people to answer their phones again. We want to make it easier for companies to get through to customers, and help customers feel secure when answering unknown calls. That’s why we created Engage. We introduced Engage™ to an audience at The Customer Service Summit and the response has been stunning – some of the biggest brands in the world are ready to get this technology to their customers.

In a consumer poll, we found that 92% of wireless consumers want to know not just who is calling them, but why a number is calling. With this technology, we can show them both. Engage brands the call display using rich media graphics, personalized for your consumer, and can even offer interaction other than answering the phone.

So what makes Engage different than regular Caller ID? When businesses make a call with Engage, incoming call information is displayed directly to your customer; they’ll see enhanced caller information, rich digital and personal content, the purpose of the call, and that your originating number has been verified as safe to answer. The First Orion shield verifies your number, letting customers know you’re not a scam or spoof. We found that 78% of consumers are actually interested in interacting with incoming calls from businesses they trust – Engage™’s total transparency helps your brand have better customer interaction, quicker connections, fewer outbound calls, and genuine brand loyalty.

If you own a company or a business who makes calls to customers, you’ll love calling with Engage. The possibilities are endless. Airlines can offer a goodwill upgrade when flights are delayed; rideshare services can coordinate locations if there’s a mix-up; or delivery drivers can ask about installation specifics to avoid rescheduling. Better yet – credit card companies can inquire about potential fraud purchases in real-time! These are all situations where you need your customer to answer the phone right away, otherwise it costs you or your customer money. We assist you in fully customizing your message, graphics, and interactive features so you can get more responses with fewer calls. And it’s intuitive, so people get it immediately.

We’ve been rolling out this technology with major brands, and the early reports are producing staggering results. We’ve seen answer rates double with early adopters such as T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile. This technology is already available, automatically, on tens of millions of mobile handsets – and growing.

Gone are the days when your calls were declined by customers because they didn’t know it was you calling. Engage technology keeps your customers safe and builds trust – while increasing brand loyalty, efficiency, and cost.

Learn more about our Call Enhancement Suite and Engage here. Or, if you discovered Engage™ at The Customer Service Summit, we’re ready to talk business. Contact us to get started.


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