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First Orion Launches New Website

Like the new digs? has undergone a complete makeover, thanks to our own Corporate Product Marketing Team and the brilliant folks at Designing North Studios. They have worked countless hours to give a new look and feel to the website, designed in mind to speak to each of our unique audiences. The combined team put together a concept that paints our employees as the superheroes of call transparency, tirelessly crusading for justice against spam, scam, and robocalls and battling for people to trust their phones again.

Lisa Peacock, Designing North’s Executive Creative Director, says the superhero concept was born after drawing a cape on one of the data scientists. “From there, we were inspired to jump away from the crowded visual space where everyone is showing real devices with real product shots, and we just sketched. We were moved to be more transparent about everything…which led to our idea of the phone becoming your trusted source again.”

The sketch concept can be seen throughout the website, with a subtle nod to the ‘cape’ that First Orion wears as a leading protector in the mobile space. The Company page digs into the superheroes of First Orion, showing the superpowers of our employees behind-the-scenes.


The new site gives First Orion a fresh “persona” in the marketing world. Traci Campbell, Corporate Marketing Manager for First Orion, says “We’re a hip, progressive, start-up company with a flair for creativity. We’re packed full of professional and smart people, but we don’t need our voice to be overtly corporate.” The friendly style, tone and language begins to create a cohesive “First Orion persona” across all our digital marketing efforts, including social.

We also got into the nitty-gritty of what First Orion provides to carriers, businesses, and consumers. This new space will allow us to provide more information to each of our customers in a way that speaks directly to them and lets us showcase our products in a new and exciting way.

We’re excited to show off the new and usher in a new era in Transparency in Communication. Now, all we need is a super-squad catchphrase. To Scam Likely, and beyond…


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