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First Orion Launches First DNO Registry

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – nearly half of all mobile calls will be fraud this year.

You may have seen a similar headline splashed across the media lately, thanks to our scam report and a mention from the FCC. Fewer people are answering their phones, more consumers are getting annoyed, and unknown business callers are being ignored. Scammers are resorting to tricks like “neighborhood spoofing” to get people to pick up, and unfortunately, they’re even hijacking legitimate business numbers.

First Orion aims to counter business number spoofing with the very first commercial Do Not Originate (DNO) Registry within our call management service, Call Transparency (“The Registry”). The DNO feature allows new and existing business registrants to designate their inbound-only lines as such, so any outbound calls made from those lines will be tagged “Scam Likely™”.

Case in point: WIRED recently followed a scam at TripAdvisor, where fraudsters used TripAdvisor’s name and phone number to try and lure potential victims with an “incredible offer.” The catch? Trip Advisor doesn’t make outbound calls. Since these scammers were spoofing the number they were calling from and using robocall technology to spread as much bait as possible, it was difficult to trace and stop the calls. A service like Call Transparency DNO could have helped pinpoint these outbound calls as coming from inbound-only phone lines!

Why should your business care? Your reputation is on the line… the phone line. You see, scammers make phone calls with a live person, with prerecorded messages, or with text messages. However, legitimate companies also use live operators, recordings, and number masking so that all phone lines display the same business number or name. Call Transparency helps businesses promote caution to avoid practices that mimic fraudsters and stay compliant with FCC regulations.

With Call Transparency, legitimate business numbers are registered and categorized on The Registry, ensuring they won’t be labeled as scam. The Registry ensures legitimate businesses are employing valid numbers. But we also want to call a scam a scam when we see it! Business registrants now have the option to designate inbound-only line usage and submit up to 10 numbers for DNO. We call and verify these numbers manually (a real human, not a robot!) to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

“After witnessing the effectiveness of the government DNO research, we chose to apply our vast experience and leadership in the call protection and call management industry to invest in the first, commercial Do Not Originate Registry,” said Scott Hambuchen, Senior Executive VP at First Orion. “We are dedicated to the investment and continual support of solutions to combat the evolving tactics of scammers. Our DNO Registry protects both consumers and businesses by flagging outbound traffic from registered inbound only numbers as scam calls.”

Interested in trying First Orion’s DNO solution? It’s currently in production and available to new and current Business Registrants in the United States at no charge. To register your business, visit


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