Scam Alert: DEA Phone Scam

Have you ever been called by the IRS claiming they are going to arrest you if you don’t pay a fine for not paying your taxes? Well, how about the DEA?

DEA officials say phone calls are being made by scammers posing as DEA or other law enforcement personnel threatening arrest and prosecution for supposed violations of federal drug laws or involvement in drug-trafficking activities. If you don’t pay off the “fine” via wire transfer, you’ll be arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned.

However, the DEA will never reach out to practitioners or the public by phone to demand any form of money or payment. They also do not ask for sensitive information over the phone. All official notifications of legitimate investigation or legal action is made via official letters or in person.

Here are some ways you can tell you might be receiving a scam call:

  • Callers use fake names and badge numbers or, alternatively, names of well-known DEA senior officials.
  • The tone of calls is urgent and aggressive; callers refuse to speak or leave a message with anyone other than the person for whom they are calling.
  • Callers threaten arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment, and in the case of medical practitioners, revocation of their DEA numbers.
  • Callers demand thousands of dollars via wire transfer or, in some instances, in the form of untraceable gift cards taken over the phone.
  • Callers falsify the number on caller ID to appear as a legitimate DEA phone number.
  • Callers will often ask for personal information, such as social security number or date of birth.

If you believe you have received one of these calls, report the call to the FTC as soon as possible! Also, protect yourself by downloading PrivacyStar for free through the iOS or Android store today!


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