Are Your Business Calls Reaching Customers?

In this day in age, it can be challenging to get a consumer to answer the phone. Businesses are competing against the fear of answering a call from a scammer. According to our data science team, scam calls are soaring: year-over-year growth rate of over 50% when compared to 2020.

For companies whose business is making calls, getting the right person on the phone at the right time can be the difference in making a sale or providing a great customer experience. Unfortunately, when scammers dilute the space with impersonated calls and phishing ploys, consumers often have difficulty discerning which calls are safe to answer. With increased year-over-year growth in this fraudulent phone activity, consumers have been conditioned to distrust every single call from an unknown number.

Business Calls – Obstacles to Connecting with Customers

According to our research, 87% of people say they don’t answer unknown numbers. So for enterprises trying to reach their customers, that can be an eye-opening moment, especially as they’re trying to overcome other obstacles. At First Orion, we’re built on two pillars. One, we protect the consumer from spam and scams by working with mobile carriers; and two, we enhance the calling experience through branded solutions to connect businesses with consumers. At the end of the day, consumers should trust their phone calls and the businesses trying to reach them.

Here are the top reasons businesses contact us to solve their calling problems:

  1. They want to stop their outbound calls from being improperly labeled as scam or blocked by spam filters.
  2. Scammers are spoofing their business numbers, diluting consumer trust and their brand reputation.
  3. They want to connect with customers. An “Unknown” number makes businesses seem anonymous to the customer, even when expecting a call. And a phone call helps to drive more meaningful conversations that can be directly tied back to their success, growth, and retention.

Improving Business Calls

For companies whose numbers have been improperly labeled, it’s crucial to take steps to correct the mislabeling. Legitimate businesses who feel their number may be erroneously labeled or blocked can register their phone numbers on is a call management platform that enables businesses to register their phone numbers with the T-Mobile network; the service helps ensure analytic engines stop tagging the registered phone number(s) as potential scams when they are not. For AT&T and Verizon, businesses can register their numbers with Call Transparency also allows companies to register for our Do Not Originate service, protecting their customers from inbound spoofing. 

When scammers spoof legitimate business numbers, they often dupe consumers into giving away info and money; it’s an outstanding liability to businesses looking to maintain their customer trust. First Orion protection solutions help companies identify whom they’re calling – and a window in which they’re calling – to create a safer, less-spoofable situation to protect both business and consumer.

Branded Calling Solutions

For companies seeking to strengthen their brand reputation and identify their calls, our Branded Calling solutions are the next logical step after call protection. We built First Orion solutions to combat corrupt callers and verify the good ones. We’re one of the few companies that can verify and protect on the scam/spam side, and brand outgoing calls with logos and company names to create an optimized customer experience. With FCC-mandated robocall solutions on the horizon, choosing more than a compliant partner is essential. Branded Calling provides a unique solution for businesses who prefer the 1:1 interaction of a phone call. 

Our clients who use Branded Calling solutions have shared a wealth of benefits they’ve experienced. The benefits range from increased time on the phone with their customers, higher conversions and engagement rates, to better customer perception of their brand. When coupled with the security of knowing your number is unlikely to be spoofed, the First Orion call experience provides the ultimate business-to-consumer experience.

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