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Press Release: First Orion Participates in First-Ever RCD Mobile Phone Experience

T-Mobile branded calling RCD
First Orion is excited to announce today, with T-Mobile and other industry partners, a successful completion of a proof-of-concept for the first-ever mobile call that combines authenticated Caller ID and Rich Call Data (RCD) powered by STIR/SHAKEN framework and protocols.

RCD is a technology that helps persuade consumers to answer their phones and properly authenticate the call to protect against scammers. With RCD, consumers receive a verified call with the business name, logo, and a reason for calling on the device, giving consumers complete transparency into who is calling and why their phone is ringing. (And businesses get greater control over the presentation of their brand!)

RCD is the way of the future – a giant leap in technological advancements in the battle against scammers that will continue to bring businesses closer to their customers and enhance the phone experience. At First Orion, we’re deeply invested in making RCD work alongside carriers and this POC demonstrates that it works and can be successfully delivered across RCD-enabled devices.

Robocalls have altered the way consumers feel about getting phone calls in general – when they see an unknown number, most people hesitate to answer. RCD will be a valuable tool for companies looking to improve customer trust. While it seems much like standard Caller ID, RCD has a few technical features that make it infinitely more valuable:

  • Businesses can prominently display their name, company logo, and phone number on every phone call.
  • RCD requires STIR/SHAKEN, and if the call is not authenticated, signed, and verified, it cannot be used – providing a higher degree of trust and peace of mind for consumers.
  • Unlike traditional Caller ID, RCD is managed by the originating provider, giving callers more control over the presentation of their brand.

While customers might be oblivious to the differences on their end, RCD uses complex technology to authenticate the information that appears on their screens. This innovative technology leverages T-Mobile’s 5G network and builds on the framework of STIR/SHAKEN, the technology that ensures calls are not spoofed or altered. First Orion was a technology provider in this proof-of-concept, leveraging our expertise and technological capabilities to help deliver this branded and secured calling experience.

“Imagine a future where all phone calls will be delivered with RCD providing complete transparency and protection in every call for every consumer, enhancing the way businesses connect with their customers,” said Jeff Stalnaker, President and Founder of First Orion. “Working with T-Mobile and other industry leaders to deliver this first-ever mobile call with RCD and authenticated Caller ID is an important step in making Enhanced Caller Identity a reality.”

First Orion would like to thank all of the industry participants that proved RCD works! A special thanks to our customer and partner, T-Mobile, for all of their work in making this demonstration successful.

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