5 Game-Changing Reasons to Join the First Orion Partner Program

join the partner prime program

Have you considered joining the Partner Prime Program but haven’t decided whether your business is a good fit?

Here’s the good news: branded calling is for everyone!

Studies show that answer rates are steadily dropping, and 87% of people admit they won’t answer a call if it comes from an unknown number.

But that can all change by integrating INFORM®, our game-changing branded calling technology, into your calling strategy.

If you’re considering offering Branded Communication to your clients but need some convincing to push you over the finish line, here are five great reasons to partner up with us.

1. Unlock New Revenue Streams

As a business, you can only sell what you already have. But by partnering with First Orion, you can expand your horizons and unlock new revenue streams that weren’t previously available.

Branded calling can be a new product offering for your clients – especially those tired of low answer rates – and lead to new customers who previously weren’t interested in your company.

2. Faster Selling

Product development is often the most time-consuming aspect of building a brand. But what if you cut that time in half by eliminating the part where you need to develop the product? 

Bring a product to market quicker than ever by selling or referring branded calling – an already tested and established product – to your clients. 

3. Revenue Sharing

When First Orion makes money, you make money. Revenue sharing is a mutually beneficial partnership that grows your revenue faster than selling on your own. 

4. Increased Stickiness with Clients

Your clients want to know they can trust you, especially when dealing with a new product that promises to transform their communication. 

Branded calling is that transformative technology. You can keep your dedicated customers happy and loyal to your business because they know they can trust you to deliver a quality product.

5. Dedicated Support

You’re not alone in this! First Orion has a knowledgeable and friendly Client Success Team that offers support and training on every product and service we offer.  

Never question whether you’re selling Branded Communication the right way again. Our team is ready and willing to help you every step of the way. 

Ready To Join A Winning Team? 

The Partner Prime Program is perfect for solutions and technology providers, whether that’s experts looking to integrate the technology into their platform, technology service brokers and wholesalers looking to sell or refer branded calling to their clients, or marketing agencies who need an ace in the hole to finally close that big deal with a client. 

Check out our Partner page for more details, and contact us to get started with Branded Communication. 

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