Which Branded Calling Partnership Is Right for You?

Which Partnership Is Right for You?

Finding the right partnership with First Orion isn’t difficult; it’s actually quite the opposite, thanks to the convenient and straightforward options we offer businesses.

Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, but we’ve narrowed our options to three key categories that can assist any business looking to partner with our award-winning channel team!

3 Partnership Types, Designed for Your Success

First Orion’s partnerships are designed to meet the needs of any solution or technology provider we work with.

Are you looking to grow your revenue streams? Add a new solution to your CCaaS or UCaaS technology stack? Or maybe you’re just looking for a simple way to enhance your customer experience.

Our partnership options will meet you wherever you are. Let’s dive into each category to find the best fit for your enterprise.

partnership types: tech, channel, and agency

Technology Partner

Branded calling, or what we like to call Branded Communication, is a better way to identify calls.

With INFORM®, our 32-character customizable call display, businesses can identify who they are and the reason for their call to every outbound call they make.

As a technology partner, you get access to an industry-leading solution that can easily integrate into your current calling platform via API or SDK.

With the Branded Communication SDK, you can brand calls across all mobile phone devices, regardless of the end user’s network.

We recently launched our branded calling solutions on the AWS-powered Amazon Connect platform. If you’re eager to integrate Branded Communication into your Amazon Connect calling platform, check out all the details on our AWS partner page!

Channel Partner

No one knows your business like you do. And no one knows branded calling like First Orion.

Next up are Channel Partners. A channel partnership allows businesses like technology service brokers (TSBs) and wholesalers to sell or refer branded calling to their clients. This helps businesses generate easy revenue and grow their clientele.

When you sell or refer Branded Communication to your clients, you open up your business to new opportunities.

Why Become a Channel Partner?
  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Faster selling, less product development
  • Revenue sharing. Win-win!
  • Increase client loyalty and happiness
  • Dedicated support from First Orion’s client success team

We think there are tons of reasons to join our Partner Prime Program, but we’ve narrowed them down to our top 5 reasons we think you should partner with us.

Agency Partner

Finally, there’s the agency partnership. You’re already branding businesses everywhere else – billboards, digital ads, t-shirts – why haven’t you added the phone call to the mix as well?

As an agency, your business is delivering top-notch brand campaigns to your clients. But if you’re failing to add outbound phone calls, you’re missing out on a key medium that every business, no matter how big or small, uses every day.

Think of a phone call as a digital billboard – but with a more considerable ROI than traditional advertising. And with First Orion’s advanced analytics, you can track all the nitty-gritty details of your clients’ phone calls. So, the next time they ask to see the results of your latest campaign, you can show them helpful metrics like answer rates, decline rates, and even the total calls treated with First Orion’s INFORM branded calling solution.

We Work for Every Industry

No matter what industry you service, branded calling works.

Healthcare clients like 448 Connect have used branded calling to save lives – literally. When one of their hospital clients put out an urgent alert for blood donations, they used INFORM branded calling to label their outbound calls with the name of the hospital and the reason for calling: an urgent call for an uncommon blood type. Thanks to INFORM, the hospital could give every patient the lifesaving blood donation they needed.

Branded calling also works for industries like education, retail, finance, and of course, contact centers.

One of our contact center clients has seen conversion rates skyrocket to 87% after adopting branded calling into their outbound calls. Combine that with a 61% lift in answer rates and a 107% lift in engagement – calls answered with a duration of a minute or longer – and you can see why we think branded calling is a no-brainer solution for every industry.

Get Started with the Partner Prime Program

Branded calling is an easy way to future-proof your revenue streams.

Ready to see which partnership is right for you? Contact our partner team and learn how you can get started with Branded Communication!

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