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Have you ever wondered why your calls aren’t getting answered? Is it because customers don’t want a phone call?

Nope. Most people, especially financial customers, prefer a phone call over other methods of communication. 

But most people view an unknown number as unprofessional, and scammers are making it worse. But there’s good news – a majority of customers, more than 3 in 4, said they are likely to answer a call if the company’s name and reason for calling appear on their mobile device.

INFORM Identifies Your Calls

With INFORM branded calling, you can identify your calls and ensure your customers know it’s you who’s calling.

And INFORM enhances the CCaaS experience by easily integrating into your platform. CCaaS providers who use INFORM have seen their answer rates climb in some cases by more than 61% compared to businesses that are not branding their outbound calls.

Save Time. Save Money.

And what do higher answer rates mean? More revenue.

Call and contact centers that use our INFORM solution can save around $492,000 in agent time thanks to freed-up call lists. No more wasting time trying to get customers to answer; INFORM identifies your calls the first time so you can spend less time calling and more time making money.

It’s All About the Customer Experience

Customer experience is key to success, and CCaaS businesses and contact centers that build up their CX with innovative solutions often stand out from their competition.

INFORM is the CCaaS differentiator that can take your business from unknown to unmissable.

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