Branded Calling Takes Your Customer Experience to New Heights

Branded Calling Takes Your Customer Experience to New Heights

Does your business stand out from the competition? You may THINK you do – but how is your customer experience compared to other hospitality companies?

Hospitality businesses, like airlines, hotels, and cruises, tend to claim the same things: the BEST deals, the BEST amenities, or the BEST customer service. But to truly stand out, there’s one area that you have to excel in when compared to the competition – and that’s delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Deliver Standout Customer Experience with Branded Calling

You can’t expect to call with an unknown number and impress your client base.

In fact, 90% of customers expect hospitality business to properly identify their calls.

It’s not a nice-to-have solution – it’s an essential solution to a common problem.

Increase Answer Rates, Decrease Declined Calls

INFORM is our branded calling solution that can give your phone experience a CX boost. Rather than guessing who’s calling, customers can see your name and branding front and center on their incoming call screens.

Hospitality businesses that have adopted INFORM have seen their answer rates fly sky-high, and their declined calls plummet.

Create Brand Loyalty and Repeat Customers

Branded calling isn’t just relevant in the short term; it can also help your business long term by creating customers that are not only loyal to your brand but will tell others about you too!

Fewer than 10% of customers would recommend a business that calls from an unknown number – so you can forget about word-of-mouth marketing!

When people tell others about your company, that’s free marketing for you and impacts your business more than any advertising you can pay for.

Try INFORM for Yourself and Boost Your Customer Experience

Ready to see what a branded phone call can do for your customer experience? Contact our sales team to get started today!

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