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The Future of Phone Calls is Branded Communication

The Future of Phone Calls is Branded Communication

Updated on 8/29/2023

Branded Communication is the future of phone calls. There, we said it.

How much have Caller ID and CNAM changed in the past few decades? Answer – very little. Isn’t it time for a new, better way to identify phone calls to enter the mix?

Branded calling with INFORM and ENGAGE is that new and better way. Don’t believe us? Then allow us to convince you otherwise.

By the end of this article, you’ll wonder what you’ve been doing this whole time without Branded Communication and why you’ve never added it to your outbound call strategy!

The Current State of Phone Calls

Consumers typically see phone calls as the best way to communicate customer service needs – especially for urgent matters – but scammers and spammers have made phone communications hard to trust.

Despite First Orion’s ongoing efforts to crack down on scams and spam calls, scammers continue to develop new ways to trick customers. According to our 2022 Mid-Year Scam Report, 53% of people say they received more scam calls in 2022 than in 2021.

But phone calls are still the gold standard of communication for quick, reliable fixes for common customer issues.

But what’s the big deal with unbranded calls? If you aren’t getting tagged as “scam likely” or “scam risk,” you should be fine, right?

The Problem With Unbranded Calls

An unknown call can be just as untrustworthy as a nefarious call in the eyes of your customers.

In a recent First Orion survey, 69% of consumers said that when a business doesn’t identify itself on the call screen, it makes them seem less trustworthy.

And that sense of distrust can also come back to bite you, especially for healthcare professionals. Nearly 80% of clients said they would consider rating their healthcare provider poorly for making unknown calls.

Unbranded calls are bad for several reasons, but they can do the most damage to your:

  • Customer trust
  • Answer rates
  • And your brand awareness

Customer Trust

Customer trust is everything for a business. Suppose customers don’t feel like they can trust you to communicate clearly, provide value to their lives, and offer excellent customer service. In that case, they’ll pack up and take their business to a competitor that DOES offer those things.

When you call from an anonymous 10-digit number, customers don’t see that as you; they see it as a scammer out to harm them. A branded call restores trust in phone calls.

Answer Rates

Let’s get real – your calls probably aren’t getting answered, right?

Your answer rate can tell you many things, but a good one can primarily help you measure whether your calling programs are successful.

Now, answer rates aren’t everything, and just because you have a higher answer rate doesn’t necessarily mean your conversion rates are also going up. But Branded Communication is a proven way to lift your answer rates past what you could accomplish with an unbranded call.

Brand Awareness

Your brand awareness can make or break your company’s success. Because if people can’t easily recognize who you are and what you offer them, why would they ever choose you over your competitor?

77% of people said they would view a brand as “more premium” if they clearly identified themselves when calling. Be the premium option and identify your calls with Branded Communication.

The Solution  – Branded Communication

Branded Communication is not just A solution, it’s THE solution for phone calls.

When consumers know exactly who’s calling them, they’re more likely to answer your calls. And when they answer, they’re ready to do business.

INFORM® – A Quick Fix for Branding Your Calls

With INFORM®, you can easily personalize your outbound calls with a 32-character customizable text display detailing your name, department, and reason for calling.

And don’t worry if a customer doesn’t pick up the first time – you’re branding also carries over into the call log history, so when clients view their missed calls, they see your name and can make an easy decision to call you back.

ENGAGE® – Branded Calling Via Mobile App

ENGAGE is a content-rich call display that takes the idea behind INFORM and cranks the dial up to 11.

With ENGAGE, you can create instant brand recognition by including your business’ logo and branding on every outbound call.

ENGAGE is network-agnostic, meaning it can reach nearly any mobile device worldwide via a mobile app SDK.

Branded Communication has led to some amazing results for our clients. A banking client specializing in loans saw a 62% lift in its engagement rate – calls that lasted 1 minute or longer – after switching to branded calls.

And a premier home improvement chain saw a 41% lift in its first call contact rate by branding its outbound calls with INFORM.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Talk!

We’ve detailed the benefits, and we’ve shown you the results – do you really need any more convincing to give Branded Communication a try?

Contact us today to get started and see why branded calling is the crystal clear future of the phone call.

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