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The Call and Contact Center Guide to Branded Communicaiton webinar, featuring speakers Ben Lavigne and Tim Phelps

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Customers Aren’t Answering Your Unknown Calls

As a contact center, you have a hard enough time getting customers to answer. But that difficulty doubles — or even triples! — when you call from an unknown number.

The simple truth is: customers don’t answer unknown numbers. From our research, we’ve found that as much as 82% of consumers don’t rarely or never answer a call if they don’t recognize the number.

Calling from an unknown number is not only bad for your brand reputation, it also hurts your contact center in other ways.

  • Wasted agent time
  • Missed revenue opportunities
  • Decreased employee satisfaction
  • Diminished customer trust

Branded Calling: The Call Center Solution to Higher Answer Rates and More

But what about a branded phone call? What do customers say? Most customers, 3 in 4, say they are likely to answer a call if it's branded with the business's name and reason for calling. We know how important it is for you to get customers to pick up their phones. Why gamble with an unknown number, incorrect CNAM, or a mislabeled spam tag? Branded calling is the solution for your call and contact center to not only get more calls answered, but increase conversions and boost satisfaction across the board (both agent and customer!)

Ready to see how a branded phone call can transform your outbound calling strategy?

Download the full Call and Contact Center Guide to Branded Communication for more on how you can get started with branded calling in your contact center!
Inside the guide, you'll find:
  • Why don’t your calls get answered? – it’s a common issue with call and contact centers, but there’s a simple solution.
  • How First Orion can boost your communication – Hint, it’s called Branded Communication and it works.
  • Key findings from your customers – 3 in 4 consumers said they are likely to answer a call if it’s properly branded.
  • Spoofing hurts everyone – Nearly 90% of people expect businesses to protect consumers from spoofed calls and scammers.

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