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Summer Shine Webinar: Elevating Customer Experiences with Branded Calling

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The Summer Shine Webinar: Elevating Customer Experiences with Branded Calling was originally recorded on May 7, 2024. 

Please see below for the Q&A asked during the live presentation.

As an existing customer, are you signed on with Verizon and affiliate carriers? 

Yes. We can brand calls across the three major carriers in the United States – T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

How do you work with wireless carriers to ensure that branding is consistent?

Branding varies by carrier and device. T-Mobile and AT&T accept up to 32 characters of custom text display while Verizon is 15 characters. Depending on the phone model and operating system, branding may look different by device.

How can we measure the ROI of implementing branded calling?

ROI varies by use case and company. Here’s an example: 

If a large online insurance provider receives 10,000 form-to-call requests per month at an average profit of $50 per successful call, yet 1,000 of those requests go unanswered, that’s $50,000 in lost revenue per month.

Even if branded calling reduces the number of missed calls by half, that’s $25,000 in additional revenue per month and a great improvement to a business’s ROI and call efficiency.

How long does it take from the time you sign up until clients start seeing your name(s)/brand(s)?

You can start delivering branded calls on the T-Mobile network within minutes of signing up. AT&T and Verizon may take up to 10 business days.

Is this service needed on land lines or a cable provider phone line?

Branded communication solutions deliver calls to mobile devices.

Do numbers still get flagged as spam when you have Branded Calling?

The first step in branded calling is registering your business numbers. We verify that you have right of use, which can help alleviate scam and spam labels.

Branded calling is an added feature that helps deliver confidence in your call because when the user sees your branding, they’re less likely to report your call as spam.

However, to avoid scam and spam tags, you must also follow best calling practices, such as:

  1. Don’t use one main calling number for multiple uses
  2. Avoid excessive calling to the same person.
  3. Respect user requests to not be contacted

Learn more here:

How can businesses ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR or TCPA when using branded calling?

GDPR rules stipulate that consumers must opt-in to receive communications from your company. You can do that in multiple ways, with one being a form fill with consent on your website.

Please refer to the following websites for GDPR and TCPA rules:



How easy is it to integrate Branded Calling with our existing phone system and CRM?

Very easy! In fact, our INFORM solution works through the mobile networks to deliver branded calls. In the customer portal, you can assign numbers and calling programs with custom display names and make outbound calls straight from your CRM. No integrations required.

We also offer APIs for system integration for our INFORM Paired solution.

What are the requirements for a called party’s mobile device to receive the branding, with logo and reason for the call?  Do they need a current model device?  Do they need an app installed?

Subscribers do not need to have anything downloaded on their phones to see INFORM logos. The most current versions of iOS, Samsung, and Motorola devices support the functionality needed for customers to see logos on their calls and we’ve successfully tested INFORM with logo on the following devices:
•  iPhones running iOS16 and newer
•  Samsung Galaxy S21, S22, S23, ZFlip
•  Motorola Edge (2022+) 

What is the success rate on the delivery of the branded call, logo, call intent number, and name?

Currently, we can send branded calls including name to T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. For INFORM with Logo, we are currently branding calls to approximately 50% of T-Mobile subscribers who will receive name, logo, and reason for the call (depending upon the device).

What data and analytics are available through branded calling solutions, and how can we use them to improve our calling strategies?

First Orion offers analytics such as answer and decline rates, talk rates, call counts by program. Our advanced analytics includes contact rates, success rates by state, calls per individual, and more.

I have 150 locations with different DBA names nationwide that are sending out Caller ID for 1 to 3 numbers each. Would I be able to register all 350 numbers?

Yes – there is no limit on the amount of numbers your company can register.

I have a need for roughly 2,600 numbers. Can I have a universal business name and unique person’s name attached to each of them?

You can customize each number for your business needs.

If our company controls a domain that we want to use for the branded calls, but that domain does not match the name of the business, can we still brand the calls?

First Orion offers free business verification processes that businesses are required to complete to brand their outbound calls. If your request to use specific names or brands is rejected, you may submit an appeal. If you control the domain, you should be able to brand using the name of that business.

Are there any synergies or challenges in integrating branded calling with other customer touchpoints such as email, SMS or social media?

We currently do not provide Branded Calling for omnichannel customer contact channels, although we have explored these options in the past.


Thank for you for watching our customer experience webinar. Visit our pricing page today to get more info on plans and how to get your business calls branded with First Orion.


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