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What is Fraud Costing Your Business?

SENTRY Spoof Protection Solution
Stop Spoofed Calls and Prevent Fraud with SENTRY™ Spoof Protection Solution


Spoofed calls harm your clients.  

When a bad actor spoofs your business’s branding, customers are coerced into a false sense of security. They think the person on the other line is a trusted agent. But spoofers are ready and waiting to steal your client’s sensitive personal information. 

Financial services and healthcare providers are particularly vulnerable to spoofed calls and fraudulent activity. 

In fact, in a 2022 First Orion survey of more than 5,000 U.S. mobile subscribers, over half of respondents said they received a scam/fraud call from someone posing as their bank. 

What if there was a product that offered spoof protection against bad actors and blocked spoofed calls before they ever reach your clients?  

SENTRY™ is your frontline defense against defrauding your loyal customers and harming your brand reputation. 

The True Cost of Spoofed Calls 

The most apparent impact of a spoofed call is the financial loss that can affect clients. Whether it’s a bank, financial services provider, healthcare provider, or insurance company, spoofers target these industries to maximize their profits. 

Lost Money 

For financial institutions, particularly in the U.S., spoofed calls have a major impact on both consumers and banks. 

According to LexisNexis’s 6th Annual True Cost of Fraud Study, for every $1 lost by consumers to fraud, banks in the U.S. lose $4.36. That’s because when fraud occurs, banks aren’t just liable for the money lost. There are also fees and interest costs incurred during the application/underwriting/processing stages. You also have to consider fines and legal fees, labor and investigation costs, and external recovery expenses. 

The financial services industry isn’t the only one that’s suffering from scammers running wild. In our 2022 Healthcare Report, nearly 75% of respondents reported being scammed for some financial loss. Many of those respondents, almost 6 in 10, said they had lost at least $250 due to a healthcare scam! 

Lost Reputation 

Your bottom line isn’t the only effect of a spoofed call; it can also damage your brand reputation. A damaged reputation leads customers to move their business to a competitor who protects their calls from bad actors. 

How your customers see your brand is a crucial factor when making a purchasing decision, especially for healthcare customers. Nearly 8 in 10 respondents said that if a healthcare provider did not properly identify their calls, they would consider leaving a negative review.  

Customers don’t like it when you call without branding your number. How do you think they’ll respond if they get tricked into answering a call that’s not really you? A spoofed call is a bad look for your brand and terrible for your reputation. 

SENTRY – The Ultimate Spoof Protection Solution 

Scam calls are a big problem that’s only getting bigger. That’s why First Orion fights so hard to analyze billions of calls, label the ones that are scams, and protect customers.  

Our call protection experts use AI and machine learning to analyze more than 100 billion calls annually and label 19 billion calls yearly. Driving by our Digital Communication Exchange, we utilize comprehensive vetting that combines feature enhancements, digital security, honeypot solutions, rich data sources, and advanced real-time analytics to catch the bad guys before they hurt your customers.  

We’re a trusted partner to both Fortune 500 companies and the largest U.S. mobile carriers, so you can depend on us to know which calls are valid and which ones are scams. 

But a dire situation deserves a robust solution – enter SENTRY, the ultimate spoof-proof solution for outbound calls. 

SENTRY is a spoof-blocking solution that integrates seamlessly with your current calling solution via API. 

It empowers you to block spoofed calls of your business’s numbers, ensuring that only legitimate calls reach the end user’s mobile device. 

How Does SENTRY Work?

SENTRY works much like INFORM Paired to stop spoofers from tricking customers into giving away their private information. But unlike Paired, which prevents fraudsters from spoofing your call branding, SENTRY blocks the calls from going through the carrier network and reaching your customers. SENTRY works in the background, so your customers never even know a spoof attempt was made.

How SENTRY works
  1. Before calls are initiated, callers send their information to First Orion through our Pre-Call API 
  2. Unique keys for both the initiating caller (aNumber) and the receiving caller (bNumber). The Pre-Call API tells the broker the calls TTL (which stands for time-to-live). The TTL indicates how long the unique keys are valid. 
  3. When an agent initiates a call, the carrier network of the person receiving the call request authentication through First Orion via an API. 
  4. First Orion checks the call. If the call is authenticated as valid, the call is delivered. If it’s not authenticated, the call is blocked and never reaches the end user’s device. 

With SENTRY added to your call and contact technology stack, you can ensure that spoofed calls won’t reach your customers. 

Who Can Benefit from SENTRY Protection? 

SENTRY is the perfect spoof-proofing solution for enterprises with high call volumes that deal with sensitive customer information. Financial services organizations – like banks, credit unions, and tax prep services – can greatly benefit by protecting their phone numbers from spoofers. 

Healthcare organizations and insurance providers can also safeguard their clients’ sensitive information with SENTRY. That includes social security numbers, addresses, bank account numbers, test results, and more.

And thanks to our analytics available through the Customer Portal, you get more insight into how many of your calls are being spoofed. When you know which calls are being spoofed, you know which numbers are being targeted by scammers and need SENTRY protection.  

First Orion’s telephone number management expertise enables your business to protect the right numbers from scammers. 

INFORM + SENTRY for Added Call Protection 

INFORM Branded Text Display already identifies your outbound calls and increases brand awareness and reputation. 

So why not add SENTRY for added protection? With SENTRY spoof protection, you’re not only branding your calls to customers but preventing bad actors from spoofing your name and number. It’s the perfect complement to INFORM!

Adopt both INFORM and SENTRY into your call strategy to pick and choose which programs receive INFORM and which receive SENTRY treatment. You can run both solutions on all your numbers or just a select few! 

Get Started with SENTRY Spoof Protection 

Ready to protect your branding from sneaky spoofers? 

Visit our SENTRY page for more information on how SENTRY can protect your business. You can also contact a salesperson today if you’re ready to take the first big step in protecting your business and your brand reputation!

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