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Apple Updates Call Experience in iOS 16

iOS 16 - New Call Notification

Apple released iOS 16 on September 12, 2022. Here is a brief overview of the updates to the user call experience.

Apple recently released its new iOS 16 for all current model devices. Changes include updates to the notch, photo library, messages, mail, and more including modifications to the lock screen for both added personalization and security. In addition, the iOS 16 will have an impact on how iPhone users experience voice calls.

iOS 16 Call Experience

Scam/Spam Call Notifications iOS 16 Call Display

On the user’s incoming call notifications, there is a change in how the call is labeled.

In the previous iOS, the Scam Likely (T-Mobile), Spam Risk (AT&T), and Potential Spam (Verizon) were featured in the large heading with the call location in the smaller heading. In iOS 16, the large heading now features the phone number with the SCAM/SPAM labels in the small heading.


Branded Calls

The display for branded calls – those that feature a company’s name and/or custom message – has also been updated.

In the previous iOS, the caller name appeared in the large heading with the caller location in the smaller heading. The iOS 16 call display for branded calls from unsaved contacts features the phone number in the large heading with the call label in the small heading.

Call Log

The call log in iOS 16 has changed significantly. The new call log displays the phone number and call location on the first screen. In order to see the scam/spam call label, the user must click on the information icon.

Calls from Saved Contacts

If the user receives a call from a contact saved in his or her phone, there is no change to the display. The large heading features the caller’s information and the small heading displays the phone number.

In the call log, the contact information is immediately available without having to click on the information icon.

First Orion’s View

It’s unclear why Apple updated the call experience in iOS 16; the release notes do not mention the changes as of September 19, 2022.

  • Because these changes originate in the operating system, all providers of branded communication and protection solutions will have the same changes applied to all Apple devices.
  • Calls are still being branded with the name display, and the appropriate branding and call protection labels are still appearing on devices.
  • Based on a survey of 2,000 Apple users in the U.S. about the incoming call experience, we do not expect much of an impact; we will continue to monitor customer sentiment.


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