A direct-to-consumer insurance company offers auto, home, life, mortgage, and healthcare insurance through a single, online platform.


Increase in long call duration


Lift in conversion rate


Lift in engagement rate

The Problem

The insurance provider was having trouble getting people to complete the application process. Even though people were filling out forms online while they were on the phone, they weren’t interested in the policies. The insurance agents were frustrated that they were not meeting their sales targets.

The Solution

The insurance provider needed to reach the right targets – people who were interested in using their insurance policies, so it adopted the INFORM branded calling solution. Though answer rates declined, they experienced an increase in long call duration and conversions because those who answered were ready to conduct business.

The Results

With First Orion’s INFORM branded calling solution, Insurance businesses results included:
  • Fewer phone calls
  • More engagement
  • Increased sales