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Branded Calling Solutions for Insurance

From home and auto to life and health coverage, insurance protects the things people value most. It’s also very personal, so consumers want to feel a secure connection with their insurance providers. Whether following up on a form-to-call or saving a policy from lapsed coverage, branded calling makes that connection when customers need it most.

insurance case study
insurance case study
insurance branded communication case study

Deliver Peace of Mind

Why Insurance Providers Need Branded Communication

Insurance can be a hot-button issue. It’s a necessity for some of the most important aspects of our daily lives, yet it can also be frustrating. With the financial ramifications in mind and often time-sensitive decisions to be made by policyholders, a phone call from a provider delivers a better customer experience than email, text, or mobile app message.

 Boost form-to-call conversions icon

Boost form-to-call conversions

Identify yourself when following up with policy applications and experience higher success rates.

 Increase the success of upsell/cross-sell icon

Increase the success of upsell/cross-sell

Informed customers are ready to do business, leading to higher connection and conversion rates.

Increase retention and reacquisition icon

Increase retention and reacquisition

Missed calls can have a big impact on customer loyalty, leading to lost revenue and more time wasted.

Case Study

More Sales, More Success

It's a fact. Branded Communication can help you reach the right customers at the right time.

Insurance companies who use INFORM® and ENGAGE® for their calling programs sell more policies and get better results. They gain more members and receive more payments and renewals, resulting increased new and repeat income — not to mention happier customers.

One of First Orion’s clients — a direct-to-consumer insurance company that offers auto, home, life, mortgage, and healthcare — experienced these results almost immediately with our INFORM solution. The customers who answered their calls were ready to talk business.

Branded Communication also boosts the effectiveness of account services and support - improving customer retention and reacquisition.



in long call duration



in policies sold in the first 30 days



in conversion rate

branded communication for insurance companies

Insurance Industry Survey Report

Full (Call) Coverage

Despite countless communication options these days, people still prefer phone calls 2.5 times more than text messages (and other online methods) when interacting with their insurance providers.

More than 40% want a call about an existing coverage inquiry. And nearly 36% prefer a call when making a coverage change, a payment inquiry, or policy price comparison. Not to mention those potential policyholders who started an application online, where a follow-up phone call is practically mandatory.

The problem? They’re not answering. 60% report missing calls from their insurance provider simply because they didn’t recognize the caller’s number. Which means policyholders aren’t getting the service they deserve, and providers are missing opportunities for new policies and renewals.




want a call from their inusrance provider.



missed a call back because they didn't recognize the number.

See What Our

Customers Are Saying

“We were talking with our CEO and showed him a branded call experience from First Orion, and everybody on the executive leadership team thought it was awesome. It just clicked with them that we need this because nobody picks up the phone anymore if they don’t know who’s calling.”

Senior manager of retail product management and post-purchase experience

“Our contact rates are slightly down by 1.5% to 2%, but revenue per attempt has increased 15% to 40% depending on the brand that we’re calling about.”

Senior director of call center operations in the online marketing industry
Call Center

“If someone misses their delivery, it costs ups $100 to revisit your house to redeliver an appliance.” We do from 5 to 8 million appliance deliveries a year, so these numbers are significant.”

Delivery notification retail product manager

Unlock the Power of Branded Communication

Tell us more about your business and calling needs, and we’ll show you how Branded Communications can work for you.


What is Branded Calling for Insurance?

What is Branded Calling for Insurance?

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