Increase Answer Rates With First Orion Engage: Branded Calling

The relationship between brands and customers has changed drastically in the last five years. Consumers are more engaged with brands and demanding customized experiences. But why is getting your customers to answer their phones is still a black hole?

When it comes to our interactions with our phone, people generally assume every unknown call is a scam call until they hear the voicemail. If the customer listens to the voicemail and decides it’s important, then they have to call a different phone number back. The whole process is annoying – and for companies who pride themselves on delivering world-class customer service, it’s ineffective.

This is where Engage (branded calling) comes in! 

Which call would you be more likely to answer – the unknown number, or a media-rich screen showing exactly who is calling and the reason for their call? Engage makes the experience of answering the phone safe and easy.

But it’s more than experience. Engage increases efficiency!

Somewhere in your company’s call center is a manager with a dashboard who is eyeing KPIs like call answer rate, time on phone, and conversion rates. Because Engage answers the customer’s initial questions of Who & Why,  customers will answer their phone with confidence. When they answer, they’re more prepared to connect on topic, giving your call center the advantage to complete a productive call. 

Companies with Engage have seen as much as a 242% increase in answer rates. 

Let’s think about what that means to a credit institution that is trying to reach its customers when they’ve detected fraud. Or to a home delivery service having an issue delivering an appliance. Think about how it might affect a technical support company resolving highly critical B2B solutions. Branded calling is more than cost avoidance. Imagine customer service phone calls to help convert large ticket online orders.

Now is the time to take advantage of being an early adopter and show that your brand is leading the customer experience charge. Are you ready to surprise and delight the people you call? Let’s chat.

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