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“Why Are You Calling Me?” – ‘Genius Idea’ About Mobile Communications Goes Viral

Genius Idea - Why Are You Calling Me?

Recently, Dan Mall, founder and CEO of SuperFriendly, tweeted (on behalf of his wife) about a problem that millions of people want a solution for. The realm? Mobile communications. The demand? A feature on your mobile phone “where people have to let you know WHY they’re calling you.”

Genius Idea - Branded Calling

Mr. Mall went through a series of tweets outlining his proposal and his thread went viral. Even better, wrote an article titled “This genius idea could eliminate telephone call anxiety for good.”

A genius idea, indeed. What if there was a solution already available that could enable businesses to make this happen? (There is). Before we go there, let’s look at the premise of the article, because it makes some great points.

Eliminating Telephone Call Anxiety

The article covers three things:

  • People are anxious about incoming phone calls
  • A concept that imagines a world where people have to tell you what they want before you ever answer
  • This might not work for phone calls, but it could absolutely work for FaceTime video and audio calls

The article is absolutely right – people are anxious about calls. Scam and spam callers have put a damper on the phone call experience.

While 3 out of 4 people prefer phone calls for long conversations, 9 in 10 say that calls from unknown numbers make them uncomfortable. On top of that, fewer than 10% of people have Caller ID services on their mobile phones.

It’s no wonder why there’s a lack of trust and subsequent anxiety about phone calls.

Imagine a world where people (or businesses) tell you what they want before you ever answer

Imagine that. The article speculates that it wouldn’t work for phone calls, but we have good news — we’ve been working on this for years.inform branded caller id iphone android

First Orion creates mobile communication solutions that enable businesses or agencies to identify who they are and why they’re calling on your incoming call screen. Our INFORM branded text display features customizable 32-character message. ENGAGE is a graphics-based, content-rich display, allowing companies to deliver name, number, logo, and colors right to their audience.

Why is this important? Because people are more likely to answer and engage with the phone call if they know who’s calling – just as Dan and his wife (and millions of others) have pointed out.

Kudos, Dan Mall, for your genius idea (we agree with you). Give us a shout – we’d love to show you how our solutions work.

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