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INFORM for Businesses

At First Orion, we know how well our Branded Communication Solutions work for our clients. Solutions like INFORM Branded Text Display can drastically improve the customer experience; and measurable results, like answer rate and conversions, skyrocket when a client invests in branded call technology.

But it’s nice when a third party crunches the numbers to get a more holistic representation of everything our solution has to offer.

Total Economic Impact Report

Take the recent Total Economic Impact of First Orion’s INFORM Branded Communication Solution report, conducted by Forrester Research and commissioned by First Orion.

In their research, Forrester interviewed several current customers of First Orion that use INFORM. The customers included a diverse range of industries, from healthcare and retail to delivery and financial service providers.

What Forrester found through their research was astonishing. According to the report, INFORM can deliver a 498% return on investment to First Orion’s clients over a three-year period.

That translates to around $9.31 million in benefits over three years for customers using INFORM.

“Before INFORM, organizations missed many opportunities to communicate with their customers and prospects by mobile phone because the customers did not know/recognize the number that was calling,” said Kim Finnerty of Forrester Research and guest presenter in our TEI Webinar. “With INFORM, call answer rates and engagement increased so users saw growth in sales volume and improvements in first-line worker (FLW) productivity.”

Finnerty also presented key findings for a multi-million-dollar composite retail business that implemented INFORM into their outbound calls.

INFORM, By the Numbers

By using INFORM, the composite business saw revenue increases across the board, including:

  • $7,039,734 increase in close rate on sales calls – which makes up the bulk of their increased revenue
  • $870,821 in avoided failed delivery attempts
  • $838,152 in added credit card accounts
  • $492,397 in improved call center productivity
  • $69,103 recouped credit card balances
  • For a total revenue impact of $9,310,207 (based on a three-year risk-adjusted period)

The results were similar across other industries that participated in the survey. First-hand interviews demonstrate how INFORM helps clients get in contact with their customers quicker and resolve their issues more efficiently.

“Many of the recipients of these calls would have been happy to answer the call if they knew who was calling. Many times, they might even be waiting, in the case of delivery confirmations, they’re waiting to get that call from the business. So being able to know who it is on the phone was just as important to the person receiving the call as it was for the business making the call,” Finnerty said.

Download the Full TEI Report

The TEI on-demand presentation is an abbreviated version of the full report. To learn more about INFORM and how it’s helped businesses increase their ROI exponentially, download the report here.

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