Eliminate Nearly 100% of Brand Spoofing with INFORM PAIRED


Businesses have enough to worry about without brand spoofing throwing a wrench in their strategy too. Since the inception of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, it has been pretty easy for bad actors to spoof or deliver false caller information to consumers.

This means scammers can impersonate businesses like yours and take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Not only is this terrible for your brand reputation, but it puts consumers at a higher risk of fraud.

Now, we know this blog sounds like a bummer so far, but don’t leave just yet!

With the INFORM® Paired feature by First Orion, you can ensure that only your legitimate calls will receive the INFORM branded text display – outsmarting bad actors, boosting your brand reputation, and restoring customers’ trust in you.


Paired is an out-of-band call authentication solution that reduces the risk of your brand display being spoofed to nearly 0% – that’s right, zero percent. Out-of-band simply means that the call is authenticated outside of the carrier network. Check out the diagram below to see how Paired works in call flow!

INFORM Paired Diagram
  1. Before a call is made, the call information is sent from the business’s calling platform to First Orion.
  2. First Orion then makes a unique key from portions of the calling information sent. The call is also given a TTL (Time to Live) designation. This determines how long the key can be used to authenticate the call.
  3. The business initiates a call.
  4. The carrier network of the called party requests authentication from First Orion. First Orion then checks to see if the call has a key “pair” or match.
  5. If the call has a key match, then it will receive the INFORM branded text display. If the call does match the key, it will not be branded.

And all of this happens in mere milliseconds, so your calls won’t be delayed!

Out-of-Band Authentication in Real Time

Yes, this all really happens in milliseconds! The TTL designation ensures that the call for that unique key is only branded during a limited window of time. That means for a scammer to spoof your brand display, they would need multiple variables to line up within a finite time. Good luck breaking through that defense!

Who Can Benefit from INFORM PAIRED?

Businesses at high risk of being spoofed or who deal with sensitive information can benefit from Paired. For example, a healthcare organization or financial institution that makes frequent customer care calls may be interested in integrating Paired into their calling platform.

Case Study – Healthcare Industry

First Orion healthcare clients who use INFORM to properly identify their calls to customers have reported an increase in completed applications by up to 30% when compared to connecting with a non-branded call.

CPaaS providers, UCaaS providers, and contact centers can also benefit from adding INFORM Paired to their product offerings. INFORM with Paired offers businesses the most secure branded calling experience on the market, making it a powerful competitive differentiator.

Case Study – Call & Contact Centers

Contact centers that integrate INFORM into their calling solution saw a 76% boost in first-call conversion rates.

Industry Leaders in Call Authentication

We’re changing how the industry looks at call authentication with innovative technology and Paired is only one of the ways we keep your calls secure.

As a leader in call authentication, we build all our solutions on top of our industry-leading Communication Protection. From thorough business vetting to ongoing anomaly detection and mitigation, we protect your calls every step of the way so scammers will never find a weak link.

Branded Communication with Enhanced Spoof Protection

INFORM with the Paired feature offers added benefits to our INFORM solution.

Out-of-Band Authentication

Using unique keys, Paired guarantees only your legitimate calls receive branding.

No Calling Delay

Occurs within milliseconds at the time of call ensuring there is no calling delay.

Complimentary Feature with INFORM

Add on Paired to your INFORM calls at no additional cost. Simply integrate into your custom calling platform.

Available Via API Integration

Integrate Paired via API into your custom calling platform and choose which calls receive Paired treatment.

Are you ready to add an extra layer of protection to your calls? INFORM with the Paired feature is a one-two punch that allows businesses to create unique brand experiences while proactively eliminating nearly 100% of brand spoofing.

If you’re ready to see what INFORM with Paired can do for your business, get started today!

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