A Tale of Two Scams: March Scam Call Trends


Feeling lucky? Scammers sure felt green last month. Forget hunting for four-leaf clovers, with our March Scam Call Trends Report, we look at the latest scam trends and how you can keep luck on your side.  

Most Common: Vehicle Warranty … and Health Insurance 

While Vehicle Warranty was still at the top of the most common scams for the month, the last 7 days led to a drastic change in the rankings. Unlike February’s report, Vehicle warranty has an upcoming scam rival. Health insurance scams exploded in growth (over 100%) in the last week of March. 

Vehicle warranty scams changed their tactics to escape detection. Instead of using “warranty” in the script, scammers are using terms like “vehicle service center, service contract, maintenance, vehicle coverage, coverage specialist” to avoid suspicion from people.  

Heard this lately? 

Vehicle Warranty 

“Hi, this is David from the Vehicle Service Center. We have not received a reply to the notice that you have received in the mail regarding your vehicle service contract. These notices are to inform you that your vehicle’s coverage may have lapsed. And you’re responsible for all maintenance required on your vehicle. We’re offering you one last opportunity to extend or renew your vehicle’s coverage. Please press one to speak with a coverage specialist or press two to be added to our do not call list.”  

Health Insurance 

“Hello, this is your health insurance adviser. We’d like to offer you our newest PPO plan with low deductibles, and coinsurance, at just a fraction of the high marketplace prices. You will receive unlimited doctor visits, urgent care, emergency room, benefits, hospitalization, surgery, dental, vision, and access to any doctor or facility nationwide. To hear more about our plan, please press one. Otherwise, press nine to be placed on a do not call list.” 


Growing Scam Trends   

As the top-ranking scam calls stay the same every month, financial-related scams rose to new heights in March. 

Credit Repair  

“Thank you for calling the Credit Repair Experts. If you want to speak with a specialist for free about removing negative items from your credit report and increasing your credit score, press one. If you want to be removed from your calling list, press two.” 

Financial Assistance 

“Hello. My name is Ruth, and this call is coming into your life right now, for a reason. For more than 18 years, we’ve been showing regular people how to become financially liberated. And today is the day that you get to learn exactly how we can help you too. This is not some M.L.M. or network marketing program or anything like that. Our system is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Press one right now for more information about how we can help you become financially free.” 

Gift Cards 

“Hi, are you interested in receiving a free $100 rebate card to be used in hundreds of name-brand stores, just for answering a quick survey? It will only take less than a minute. Press one to begin the survey or press nine to be placed on a do not call list.” 

Debt Forgiveness 

“Hello, this is Jacob from the Discover credit card department. Discover has made some big changes to your credit card accounts and you are now eligible for complete debt elimination on all your credit cards. This is a limited-time offer. To get yourself enrolled, please press one to speak to a live representative now.” 

Home Security 

“This is Vivian from your current home security and automation provider calling regarding an important account issue. To speak with a representative press one. To reach us at another time, please call us back at 888-346-9202.” 

Lookout! Scams Emerging! 

Here are some scam calls that aren’t as well-known but are becoming a name for themselves recently:  

  • Utility-based rebates 
  • Rent-to-own homes 
  • Identity theft threats 
  • Tax relief programs 

First Orion, a leading solutions provider for mobile carriers and enterprises, tracks scam call data to help us transform the mobile communications experience. We also protect consumers with our free PrivacyStar app, available for Apple and Android devices. 

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