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Food for Thought – 2022 Food Delivery Report

What’s Inside:

In late 2021, we surveyed 5,000 U.S. residents about their experiences with calls from food delivery services to their mobile phones. They were asked about call activity, call type, brands they interact with, their perception of those brands based on their calling behavior, and their preferences in relation to these experiences. We also surveyed 500 delivery drivers to get their perspectives on the food delivery and communication experience.

Nearly 80% of people said they had some form of issue that required customer service, citing late delivery, issues with their order, and driver assistance among the top 5 reasons for needing a call.

Nearly 75% of drivers said they needed to communicate with their customers, while over half of customers said a missed call could create a bad experience with the delivery process.

Discover more insights in the 2022 Food Delivery Report and find out what customers and drivers are saying.