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Press Release: 2022 Food Delivery Report Serves Up Consumer and Delivery Driver Communication Preferences

2022 Food Delivery Report

Over half of survey respondents prefer a phone call when being contacted by a delivery driver for directions, but 59% have missed a call from a driver because they did not recognize the number

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 2, 2022First Orion, a leading provider of branded communication solutions for enterprises, today announces the findings of its 2022 Food Delivery Report that explores communication preferences and experiences between consumers and delivery drivers. First Orion surveyed more than 5,000 U.S. residents about personal contact preferences and the impact unidentified calls have on their overall experience. First Orion also surveyed over 500 U.S. residents who have worked or currently work as delivery drivers regarding their experiences when calling customers.

The survey results indicate that 59% of consumers have missed a call from a food delivery or pickup service in the past year because they did not want to answer an unrecognized number and 56% said the missed call resulted in a negative delivery experience. Additionally, 68% of respondents would consider switching to a delivery service that properly identifies its phone calls versus one that does not.

For delivery drivers, communicating with customers is an essential job function. Nearly three in four drivers (74%) usually or always need to contact the customers they are delivering to regarding directions, delivery confirmation, etc. However, drivers report customers ignore calls nearly 70% of the time because the number is unrecognized.

“The ability for delivery drivers to provide a quality and efficient customer experience is severely impacted due to the consumer’s hesitancy to answer calls from unrecognized numbers,” said Sherri Schwartz, CMO at First Orion. “Delivery services relying on communications with customers via the phone for accurate directions and delivery confirmations can improve the quality of customer experiences and streamline operations for drivers through the use of Branded Communication technology.”

Phone calls are preferred by food delivery customers when drivers require directions (59%) and when there’s a problem or substitution needed with their order (93%). However, when a customer does not pick up the phone, the overall food delivery experience is negatively impacted.

First Orion’s solutions equip businesses with technology to deliver their name, logo, and reason for calling. Branded Communication has resulted in a 97% lift in engagement, 68% lift in long call duration and 50% decrease in call declines.

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