10 Reasons to Use ENGAGE™ for your Business

Does your business rely on calling? Whether you use outbound calling for sales, customer service, or information, call centers are facing an uphill battle right now: How do you connect with customers who are increasingly wary of answering their phones?

Last year, First Orion predicted that 44% of all mobile calls would be scam. A quick search of “Scam Likely“, “robocalls”, or “scam call” results in thousands of hits, from tweets inquiring how to stop them to articles detailing the rise of their ubiquity. When customers are frustrated with their phones to the point that they won’t answer ANY unknown calls, what are businesses that rely on call communication to do?

10 Reasons to use Engage

Engage Branded Calling

We’ve got the answer – Engage™ branded calling. With Engage, your customers see graphic-rich, verified and branded calls that tell them exactly who is calling and why. It works, too. Our studies show that more calls are answered and completed when consumers have a clear vision of who’s on the other end. We think the visual speaks for itself – but just in case you need more convincing, here are ten more reasons why your business should call with ENGAGE.

10 Reasons to Use Engage Branded Calling

  1. You’ll connect with more customers. Did you know that only 4% of consumers have a Caller ID service? Fewer and fewer people are answering numbers they don’t know, which means you’re missing out on connecting with them. With Engage, we’ve seen up to 158% more calls answered.
  2. Add to your bottom line. More answered calls = less wasted time, and that means you’re making and saving money. Engage helps your business center be more efficient.
  3. It builds customer trust. In a world where every other call is a scammer, using Engage technology gives your customers peace of mind when they answer the phone. When consumers know who is calling, they’re more likely to answer. Plus, that little “Verified” badge creates a sense of trust between you and your clients.
  4. Engage builds customer loyalty. You’ll leave customers asking, “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” Trust us, we’ve been showing off this product a while now, and it always surprises and delights consumers.
  5. Protect your consumers from fake calls. According to our surveys, 84% of people would be willing to switch carriers for protection from scam. With Engage, you’re giving your customers the freedom to answer the calls they trust, while ignoring and blocking the ones they don’t.
  6. Protect your brand reputation. Enterprise spoofing is the newest trend in scamming, where scammers use exploited data to trick consumers into handing over information and money. Verified calling protects your name and number from being used for fraud.
  7. It’s cool. Seriously, customizable graphics and messaging for outbound calls? That’s pretty cool technology. The kind of thing you’d tell friends and family about, or even switch carriers to use. Look at you, being a trendsetter.
  8. Engage is the future of calling. We predict branded and verified calls will be the only calls people answer by 2020. Get ahead of the curve with Engage.
  9. It plays well with others. The FCC has mandated that SHAKEN/STIR is the next big thing in calling. Verified and branded calling is another piece of that puzzle, adding an additional layer of protection to those calls.
  10. You can offer a service without even answering the phone. Engage calls pop more than a text message, so they’re bound to get attention from your customers. Plus, you have the potential to offer interactive feature customers can use without even answering. It’s just another feature that helps you save time and money.

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