What’s Driving Branded Calling Growth in the Retail Industry?

branded calling is driving retail growth

It was a big year for branded calling. As we’ve mentioned in our recent 2023 Branded Calling Trends Report, businesses are beginning to realize that unknown calls won’t fix themselves. It takes a trusted company like First Orion and groundbreaking technology like branded calling to remedy the issue. 

Looking at the numbers from our report, it’s astonishing to see how much growth specific industries have seen in the branded calling space. Take retail, which grew by more than 1,100% year-over-year from December 1, 2022, to December 1,  2023. 

But what’s driving that massive growth in retail, and how can other industries tap into the power of branded calling for their business? 

Branded Calling is a Brand Reputation Lift 

For retail customers, a brand’s reputation plays a large part in deciding whether they shop at your brand or a competitor’s. Think of the brand reputation of brands like Costco, Trader Joe’s, or even Chick-fil-A. Customers love to sing the praises of their favorite brands because they know they’re getting a top-notch customer experience when they shop with them. 

So, what causes a brand to have a bad reputation? One factor is poor communication. And, you guessed it, an unknown number sends a poor message to customers. 

Consider this: 60% of customers say they’ve declined calls from a retail brand because they didn’t recognize the number on their incoming call screen. 

When you call without branding, you’re sending the message to your customers that you don’t consider clear communication essential to your customer experience. And customers will take note. They’ll seek out other brands that clearly communicate because they know they can trust their phone calls. 

Another factor in play? Scammers and other bad actors constantly make people uneasy about answering a phone call, and unknown numbers play right into their game of smoke and mirrors. 

You have to protect your brand reputation to get ahead of the competition. Branding your calls is one simple but effective way to do that. 

Branded Calling Retail Enhancements

So, besides brand reputation, how can a branded call improve your services and increase your operational efficiency? 

We like to think of branded calling not in terms of how many calls get answered – although that’s certainly important – but in terms of the practical applications of the technology. 

For retail, that can be anything from better customer support to account servicing and even customer satisfaction surveys. Here are a few ways branded calling can improve your business operations. 

Customer Support and Renewals

Offer better customer support and get quicker solutions by branding your calls on the front end. When customers know it’s you, they’re ready to talk. 

Account Servicing

Branded calling lets you reach your customers quickly about outstanding balances on their accounts so that you can collect payments faster. 

Rewards Program Outreach

Looking for that extra something-something to wow your clients? Provider a more personalized call experience with your VIP customers through a branded phone call.

Delivery Reminders

Notify your customers when a delivery is coming and confirm delivery schedules. This cuts down on costly redelivery attempts.

Pickup Reminders

When a purchased item is ready for pickup, notify your customers with a branded phone call.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Looking for better feedback when you reach out for customer satisfaction surveys? A branded phone call provides an excellent introduction before the call.

But if you’re one of those people who need data to back up the claims, we have that, too.  

Retail clients using branded calling for outbound calls have seen answer rates climb by 39% and decline rates plummet by 50% or more. 

Large furniture retail chains have used our product to ensure that customers know when a delivery is scheduled. 

Retailers realize that branded calling is the boost they need to create lasting customers who are happy to continue shopping at their favorite brand. 

Keep the Conversation Going 

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go check out the recent 2023 Branded Calling Trends Report. See how much branded calling has grown across five key industries. 

But if you don’t need the report and are ready to talk now, let’s go! Contact our sales team today for a free demo of branded calling in action. 

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