Branded Calling Ensures Tax Season Will Go Off Without a Hitch

Branded Calling Makes Tax Season Simple

With a new year in full bloom, it’s now time to start filing your taxes. For most customers, tax season is super stressful – whether you’ve prepared for this season or not. And we can’t forget to make sure every single W-2, 1099, and that one super specific form hiding in your miscellaneous drawer is ready to file in time. 

And with so many things to worry about, the biggest of worries is fraud – or rather, scammers and spoofers targeting vulnerable people during this season.  

The IRS is all over these threats with its tips and tricks for avoiding a scam. But these days, is it enough to do the job?  

We think there are other ways to keep your tax-filing clients safe, all while improving your brand’s reputation and ensuring trust in the financial industry. Branded calling is the best solution for protecting your brand reputation and relieving stress this filing season. 

Facing the Fears of Tax Season

The IRS is notorious for inciting fear in the hearts of many – with one-third of taxpayers stating they “completely” or “mostly disagree” that they trust the IRS.  

And scammers take advantage of that when choosing their next victim. A classic scam tactic? A phone call posing as an IRS agent. With fake names and inaccurate identification numbers to boot, these impersonators hope those gullible and vulnerable enough will bend to their will.  

Things the IRS wants people to look out for: 

  • Paying “owed dues” via gift card or wire transfer 
  • Threats of arrest, deportation, or suspension 
  • “Urgent” callback on voicemails 

The IRS will never ask you these questions over the phone, and they are all classic signs of a tax scam. 

Taxpayer Stress Relievers

The possibility of being audited is a nightmare for many. And we can’t forget the scams coming for taxpayers left and right. Before going straight off the grid, your clients can do a few things to create a stress-free filing experience. 

IRS Services Guide

The IRS is around 24/7 and available to help with anything tax-related. Check out their guide outlining the best ways taxpayers can get assistance.

Choose Direct Deposit

No more worries around scammers saying a refund is owed. Choosing a direct deposit will eliminate the need for people waiting for the mailman to deliver their refund via check.

Avoid Errors

“Just don’t make any mistakes.” Yes, we know it isn’t as simple as that. But with stress comes the rush to get complicated things over with as soon as possible. It’s advised to take some time when filing. Add in filing electronically and errors will be easier to avoid.

Faith, Trust, IRS?

And while it’s understandable that 1/3 of people are distrustful of the IRS and by comparison, other financial institutions, it can be hard for these businesses to make a better impression due to threatening scammers taking over the scene.  

So what can your business do to stand apart from fraud and get your clients to trust in you again? We’re talking branded calling, of course 

A Branded Call Brings Benefit

With branded calling, your business – whether it be diversified financials, investment firms, credit unions and more – can transmit vital information to your clients and improve the call performance.  

Branded calling is our solution to increasing unknown calls. When your clients don’t know it’s you calling about their files, reports, or offerings of aid, chances are they’re not going to answer the phone. 87% of people in our report agree that Unknown = No Answer.  

And from there, your brand can spiral, and your reputation can be damaged; no one wants that! 

With Branded Calling, your firm, institution, and services will be able to: 

  • Drive revenue back to your business 
  • Create better customer experience and healthier resolutions  
  • Prevent fraudulent activity 

The financial services industry has seen many benefits to branded calling. Enough that in 2023, First Orion helped brand more than 210 million calls for this industry alone!  

Take it from some of our financial services clients who implemented branded calling. 

AFCU Case Study Graphic

And while Branded Calling can help your calls go from unknown to unmissable, there are additional options to consider lumping with this solution.  

SENTRY, the Spoof Protection Solution, is our latest product that stops bad actors from spoofing your brand. Talk about a branded upgrade!  

Alone, SENTRY is a perfect solution for the financial services industry. But add it to our branded calling solution, INFORM®, and your business is in for some first-rate phone calls.  

Ready to file for Branded Calling? We’d love to show you how our solutions can drive your business to success. Get started today!

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