What is Branded Calling?

INFORM and ENGAGE branded calling phones

Everyone wants their calls to get answered.

But no one wants to admit that calls are going unanswered because of a failure to brand the phone call properly.

In the past, enterprises have relied on Caller ID – or CNAM – to correctly identify outbound calls to customers. But relying solely on CNAM is tricky business. Caller ID databases are not maintained by a business directly and are often outdated and incorrect. So instead of showing up as “Good Bank” you could be “Goof Bank” or “Gd BNK.”

Luckily, there’s a simple and reliable solution – branded calling.

But why don’t customers answer unknown numbers? And how does a missed call affect your business?

The Unanswered Call Dilemma

People don’t answer calls they don’t recognize. We know it, and – much to your frustration as a business owner – you know it too.

In fact, 87% of people admit they don’t answer calls from unknown numbers, including the calls they wait for and actually want to answer.

That’s a massive portion of your audience that won’t answer your calls. Why? Because, to your customers, an unknown number is untrustworthy; to them, your calls look like a scam call.

This is what we like to call the unanswered call dilemma. Customers want your call, but when they don’t know it’s you, they don’t answer. And because your call is also unbranded in their call history, they have no incentive to return your calls either!

More than 3 in 4 people said they miss at least one important call per month because of unidentified numbers.

How do you stop the unknown call dilemma and deliver confidence in the phone call? It’s branded calling, a smarter way to reach your customers.

How Branded Calling Makes a Difference

Branded calling isn’t like a typical CNAM call.

While CNAM can display a business’s name, you’re limited to 15-character are less. That means “Dan’s Incredible Arrangements” will instead cut off your text at “Dan’s Incredibl” or be condensed down to the point that it’s unreadable (does anyone know what “Dn Incr Arr” is?)

But unlike traditional CNAM, branded calling puts the power of branding back where it should be: in the hands of business owners.

INFORM standardizes your branding across multiple networks and devices, so you always know how it appears to your customers.

Branded calling not only lets you customize the name that shows up to customers, but it also lets you display the reason for the call.

So when you’re calling a patient from “Dr. Smith’s Office”, you can also let them know you’re calling to remind them of their next scheduled appointment.

Branded Communication – Identify Your Calls to Customers

First Orion does branded calling better than anyone else. We entered the market first with our Branded Communication solutions INFORM® and ENGAGE®.

INFORM Branded Text Display

INFORM is our simple but powerful branded calling solution that covers most U.S. carriers.

With INFORM, you can correctly identify all your outbound calls to clients with a 32-character customizable screen. INFORM lets you identify who’s calling and the reason for the call!

INFORM is an in-network branded calling solution, meaning no complicated coding is required. It can be up and running in a matter of minutes.


And now INFORM comes with even more protection thanks to INFORM Paired.

Paired is an added benefit for INFORM customers. Available via API integration, Paired eliminates nearly 100% of all brand spoofing attempts. You can protect your customers from scammers and maintain your brand reputation. Paired is a perfect solution for CPaaS and UCaaS providers and enterprises with large call volumes.

ENGAGE Branded Graphic Display

ENGAGE is a step up from INFORM and allows you to brand your calls with a beautiful full-color graphic display, including your brand colors, logo, and messaging.

ENGAGE works through a mobile app SDK, meaning you can reach every customer, regardless of the network, through your business’s app.

Get Started with Branded Communication

Branded Communication can lift your answer rates, increase conversions, and create better customer brand loyalty.

Ready to get started with the solution to the unknown call dilemma? Try a free demo of our branded calling solution and see INFORM and ENGAGE in action!

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