Senior Citizens Are Fighting Back Against Scam

It’s no secret that the elderly are some of the most vulnerable people when it comes to scam calls; unfortunately, scammers know this. There have been new, terrifying scams to trick the elderly into handing over their money, such as scammers pretending to have kidnapped their grandchildren or even pretending to be their grandchildren needing bail money. However, it’s never too late to arm yourself against dangerous scams. The senior generation is taking the steps against scam and learning how to fight back. 

Many seniors are taking it into their own hands to educate themselves on scam call identification and protection. Classes and conferences are popping up all over the country specifically to educate people on the latest scams and how to protect themselves from being tricked. Most programs consist of updating people on the latest schemes, but one even brought in local law enforcement and workers from utility companies to explain exactly how and why they would ever contact you. This way, people know immediately if something is off when the “sheriff” calls you to inform of your impending arrest.

These classes are a great way to educate the elderly and the general public. Not only seniors are prone to scams – with the evolving techniques and lies that scammers implement, no one is safe from being targeted. Our advice? Every generation, old or young, should take the time to educate themselves on current scam alerts and schemes. You can sign up for scam alerts from the FTC and receive information on current scams directly in your inbox.  Associations like the ACFE have put together a list of scams that are most commonly targeted at senior citizens to help raise awareness.

Remember, scam prevention starts with education. The more you know about how scams work, what to look for, and how scammers are targeting, the less likely you’ll be tricked if the time comes. To prevent scammers from even reaching you in the first place, download PrivacyStar for iOS or Android and we’ll block the bad guys we know about for free.


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