First Orion Launches to Help Legitimate Calls Reach Consumers

New Call Management Platform and Registry Aims to Help Legitimize Businesses’ Reach and Empower Consumers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.April 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — First Orion, a leader in data and phone call transparency solutions, today launched its new call management platform The solution enables legitimate businesses to register their phone numbers to help ensure outbound calls are verified, labeled correctly and get through to their customers.

Over the past few years, the automation of outbound calls has improved dramatically, which makes it more efficient for legitimate businesses to communicate and interact with their customers. Unfortunately, this technological advancement has also paved the way for fraudsters to illegally bombard innocent consumers with billions of scam calls each year. also aims to help legitimate, verified brands know when their numbers have been illegally spoofed or are getting a negative reaction from individuals (e.g. high number of blocks and complaints). First Orion offers a Number Reputation Service (NRS) that calling parties can subscribe to that will monitor the Nuisance Score for their phone numbers, provide periodic reports on what’s happening and alert the owner if an unusual spike occurs.

The First Orion Registry, which validates and categorizes legitimate business numbers used for customer contact, is accessible via and open to all legitimate businesses at no charge. The Registry ensures legitimate businesses are employing valid numbers and protects them from being labeled as scam. In addition, The Registry also summarizes areas where bad practices may be causing high nuisance perception and enables correct categorization of phone numbers.

As soon as legitimate businesses register and their numbers are verified First Orion will display as such throughout First Orion’s network of influence. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, First Orion validates the registering business and verifies the phone numbers. Post validation, registering companies receive actionable information as part of the free registration process. This includes the provision of any specific telephone lines which have been labeled as scam, summarization of numbers perceived as high nuisance and summarization of pre and post-categorization of numbers.

“As call solutions that protect consumers are increasingly available, important calls may never reach the intended party without a robust validation service,” said Kristi Crum, Chief Commercial Officer at First Orion. “Our proprietary technology analyzes a variety of factors about a calling party, including call pattern deviations, amount of blocked calls and complaints filed against the caller. This, along with The Registry, ensures that lawful businesses’ calls are labeled correctly, informing and empowering consumers about the nature of the call before they even pick up the phone.”

recent study commissioned by First Orion found close to 85 percent of consumers have received a robocall on their mobile phone, half of which were scam related. Unsurprisingly, nearly 60 percent of respondents believe there is no such thing as a “good” robocall. However, there are use cases for legitimate robocalls such as automated pharmacy reminders, weather warnings, school notifications and other appointment reminders. The same study found 85 percent of consumers consider an automated call from their pharmacy a good thing. helps businesses by helping to ensure their legitimate robocalls calls reach their intended customers, a benefit for both the calling party and the call recipient.

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